The Goldenrod and the Gallfly: The Evolution of an Interaction

The Goldenrod and the Gallfly is a 37-minute educational video produced by Hemlock Scientific Films and the Abrahamson Laboratory. It illustrates the natural history of the system in detail and discusses the ecology and evolution of the interacting organisms. Special attention is paid to how through careful observation and with relatively simple tools, researchers have discovered a great deal about the evolutionary ecology of the system.

A Windows Media version of The Goldenrod and the Gallfly video is hosted by Bucknell University on their streaming server. We recommend that you download the latest version of Windows Media Player from Microsoft for best viewing. You will need, at least, a 100kbps internet connection to view the video stream. It is not viewable via dial-up connections.

VHS copies of the video can be ordered from The Pennsylvania State University's Media Sales Office which is a division of WPSX public television. Included with the video is a study guide to enable further exploration of the concepts discussed in the video. Copies are $25.

The producers thank Bucknell University and the National Science Foundation for their support and assistance. All views expressed in the video are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Bucknell University or the National Science Foundation.