Chinese Language Materials

I developed materals to address student needs at various levels of Chinese language learning.

Sound Grids

10 sound grids for students to learn single tones, two tone combinations, initials and finals, and their combinations. In two grids, students can click different buttons to hear one syllable with four different tones, or four syllables of the same tone. In 6 grids, students can listen to all two tone combinations. A student with a problem with a specific combination, can repeat the cell with that specific combination. The last two grids are the grid of the initials, and the grid of the finals. Originally these grids were made in GR version. Now with a click of a button, the grids can be converted from GR system to pinyin system, and with another click, the grid will go back to the GR system.

link to Sound Grids

Tonal Dictation

Dictation exercises to help students identify tones, initials, finals, and two tone combinations. Students click a button to start a recording. As they listen to the recording, they type out their answer. Then the students click a check mark. The computer can tell the students if the answer is correct or not, and where the mistake is.

link to tonal dictation exercises

link to PowerPoint on GR Tonal Spelling

Tonal Dictation, Pinyin

link to pinyin exercise 1
link to pinyin exercise 2
link to pinyin exercise 3

Character Drawing Movies

Small quicktime movies made for the characters on each page in the Chinese primer character book. As the students see how the teacher writes each character on the board, they may learn the stroke order and see how each character should be shaped.

link to QuickTime movies

Popular Songs

Songs reinforce vocabulary and spelling; the line being sung is highlighted.

link to the money song

News Articles for Advanced Students

Articles here are taken from various news papers on topics of student interest. Roll-overs are provided for difficult vocabulary to enhance the students ability to read the material.

link to newspaper articles


link to animations illustrating directional compliments

link to PowerPoint presentation on grammar patterns