St. Ninian's Cave, near Whithorn: Traditionally an early Celtic hermitage, c. 400, facing the Irish Sea in
southwestern Scotland,
site of early Christian inscriptions.

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Prof. Charles Wright's comprehensive bibliographies (see especially for Anglo-Saxon and early Irish materials)

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Old Norse Skaldic Poetry (with English translation)

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Old English Newsletter

Sources of Anglo-Saxon culture

Fontes Anglosaxonici

Anglo-Saxon History Bibliography by Simon Keynes

OE Anonymous Homilies Bibliography by Janet Bately

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Maps of Medieval Ireland

CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts

Celtic Studies Journals tables of contents

Department of Early and Medieval Irish, University College Cork, faculty bibliographies

Early Irish historians, listings for Profs. Bracken and O'Corrain


CSANA Bibliography


Department of Old and Middle Irish, St. Patrick's, Maynooth

Celtic Manuscripts in Oxford Libraries

Thesaurus Linguae Hiberniae

Dictionary of Medieval Latin from Celtic Sources

Translations of some early Insular texts (library link)


DIAS Publications

Arthurian Legend

Holy Grail factoid

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Camelot Comic Book

Camelot Project at Rochester University

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Corpus of Insular, Anglo-Saxon, and Early Anglo-Norman Manuscript Art

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Monumenta Germaniae Historica

Mittelalterliche Geschichte -- Bibliographische Hilfen

Magazine Stacks (tocs of German historical periodicals and series)

Handschriftenforschung im Internet, Klaus Graf

Internetquellen zu Handscriften (University Library, Frankfurt)

Mitterlalterliche Geschichte: Handschriften

Internet-Links fur Handschriftenbearbeiter, Marburg


Latin Place Names

Orbis Latinus

Allen & Greenough's New Latin Grammar

Lewis and Short Latin Dictionary (Perseus)

Bibliotheca Augustana

Troubadour Didactic, Historical and Latin Literature

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Troubadour Literature Page

Vie litteraire en France a l'epoque de Villon

Medieval French Heroic Literature

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Medieval French Theater

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La Societe Francios Villon


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