Health Related Links

United States Agencies

Agency for Health Care Policy Research: Research findings and home of the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS).

National Institutes of Health: Many of the agencies linked here are part of the NIH.

Center for Disease Control: Information on infectious diseases.

National Center for Health Statistics: Good source for quick statistics, run by the Center for Disease control. Check out the FASTATS option. Server runs slowly.***

Department of Health and Human Services: Links to many of the official sites for health information.

National Institute of Mental Health: The mental health arm of the national institute of health.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS-formerly the Health Care Financing Agency) : The agency in charge of Medicaid and Medicare.

Food & Drug Administration: The agency that approves pharmaceutical drugs and inspects the nation's food supply.

Institute of Medicine: Part of the National Science Foundation, conducts studies and makes recommendations.

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force: Makes recommendations to clinicians about testing guidelines and other preventive care.

Office of Rural Health Policy: Rural areas have special delivery problems and have policies geared to making care available to this population.

Global Health: A new web site run by the Department of Health and Human Services, with links to data and other information about public health world-wide.

Non-U.S. Agencies

Canadian Health Service: Information about our neighbors to the north

British National Health Service: Information about the British National Health Service

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Private organization that funds a good deal of health policy research.***

International Health Economics Organization: Professional organization for health economists.

Kaiser Family Foundation: Another organization that studies health policy. The Foundation's work is focused on four main areas: health policy, reproductive health, HIV policy, and health and development in South Africa. ***

GWU: Intergovernmental Health Policy Project: A source for research on health policy in the states.

Mathematica Policy Institute: An economic policy research organization, covering education, health, nutrition, labor, welfare, and early childhood.**

Brookings Institute: Washington DC based think-tank covering economic and foreign policy and government studies.*

World Health Organization: Branch of the United Nations, good source of information about international health issues, services.***

American Council on Science and Health: De-bunks media health scares.

American Hospital Organization: Presents views of hospital administrators.

American Red Cross: Official web site of the organization.

AIDs Information in New York City: Advocacy group with information and links about AIDs treatments, public policy issues.*

Harvard Alcohol Study Page: Results and reports on the recent study of drinking among college students.**

Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care: Details differences in rates of treatment and health outcomes in U.S. regions, some information on-line.*

Journal of the American Medical Association: Has current abstracts of articles from the journal.

New England Journal of Medicine: Has current abstracts of articles from the journal.

Health Affairs: Abstracts and index to past articles in a good health policy journal.

Journal of Health Economics: The main journal for health economists.


Health Economics Places to Go A search engine devoted to health economics.

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