Guidelines for Paper Presentations:


Dec. 1 Matt B, Elizabeth, Matt F. Brandon, Carr, Jen, Amy

Dec. 3 Carrie, Salima, Vince, Erin, Chris, Michael, Jared

Pairs: You will be assigned a partner (someone who is presenting on the opposite day). Your partner will critique your presentation, and you will critique theirs. Follow this link for a copy of the questions I would like you to think about when you make your critique. (I'll bring copies to class that day for you to fill out, but you can be thinking ahead). The critiquer should also ask at least one question during the presentation. This critique will be worth a 10 points on your homework grade; basically, if you show up and ask an intelligent question, you'll get the points.

Presentations should run about 10 minutes a piece (certainly no more than), with an additional couple of minutes per presenter for questions/answers. Because the time is limited, you should focus on the main arguments (both for and against), and then if you have extra time, you can fill in some of the less important details. You'll have to exercise judgement as to which of the points are most and least important. (Which might also help you as an exercise when you revise the paper).

The paper presentation will be worth 100 points of your presentation grade.

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