Final Draft Grade

Introduction: 5%

Why is your question important to answer?

*Do you present a clear hypothesis? What do you expect to find?

What is the background material relevant to the paper?

Analysis: 45%

Do you use evidence properly?

15) Is the evidence relevant, representative, accurate, detailed and adequate?

10) Is the evidence explained well? Do you use logic and reason to connect the evidence to your arguments? (Something might seem irrelevant until you explain how it fits into the paper.)

5) Do you distinguish between which claims are based on evidence and which on values?

15) Do you address points in the opposition? How well do you rebut when it is possible?

Conclusion: 10%

Do you summarize and make your case adequately, using the evidence you have gathered?

Strength of Revision 25%

5) Did your paper have a substantial improvement over the first draft?

10) Did you fix the major weaknesses in arguments and in writing?

5) Did you highlight the major strengths in arguments and in writing? (In other words, don't change things just for the sake of changing them, keep the strengths from the first draft.)

5) Were points clarified when necessary?

Style/Grammar/Organization: 15%

5) Are there spelling errors?

5) Incomplete sentences?

5) Is the paper well-organized?