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Prof. Brandon M. Vogel

Bucknell University
Chemical Engineering
email: bmv002 "at "
phone number: (570) 577-1080
Cirriculum Vitae

Welcome to the Vogel group homepage!

My group is synthesizing new biomaterials to detect, target and treat disease.  With this focus, we are interested in new methods to make materials and improve on reactions with microwave energy.  To develop new materials, we aim to establish the structure-property relationships of these materials to enable the rational design of the next generation of biomaterials.We view materials synthesis as a tool for chemical diversity to uncover the influence of the materials structure and morphology on performance.

We incorporate synthesis, interfacial chemistry, and physics to design new materials. Students will benefit from applying powerful synthetic tools such as ring-opening polymerization and microwave chemistry to develop new materials. Each project is driven by synthesis to provide materials for structure-property correlations using instrumentation and techniques such as nuclear magnetic resonance, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, static light scattering, cell culture and mass spectrometry. The projects are both fundamental in nature and technologically driven.