Current Teaching Information

Fall Term

CHEG 300 Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory

Conductive, convective and radiation heat transfer; analytical and numerical solutions of heat transfer problems, estimation of heat transfer coefficients, and heat exchanger design. Fundamentals of mass transfer (diffusion and convection) with applications to unit operations.

CHEG 452 Bioprocess Engineering

Survey course in biochemical engineering. Introduction to microbiology, biochemistry, cell metabolism and genetic control. Enzyme structure and function; enzyme kinetic mechanisms. Emphasis on the design of biochemical reactors and separation processes utilizing fundamental principles of kinetics, thermodynamics and heat, mass and momentum transfer.

CHEG 440/640-12 Chemical Engineering Research

Independent study with a faculty adviser on a research project. Submit a project proposal for group review, conduct the work, and culminate with a written report and an oral presentation before a faculty group.

Spring Term

ENGR 215

Introduction to the analysis of experimental and industrial data. Topics include statistical inference, analysis of variance, regression analysis, experimental design and computational methods.

CHEG 410

Second of two capstone experiences for chemical engineering majors. Students refine a general problem statement in order to plan, execute and assess a project that achieves specific goals. Design, construction, and testing of an apparatus, system, or simulation. Problem-solving, teamwork, communication, professional development, and laboratory work area emphasized.

CHEG 470

Survey course in biomaterials and clinical engineering.