That’s our garden above ... we pretty much use the square-foot gardening approach, with bunny-vulnerable vegetables inside the fence and herbs, onions, and melons outside. Clematis covers the garden gate arbor, with rhubarb, mint, and blueberries on the left, outside the fence.


A collection of snapshots from my garden.


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The raised beds are 5 ft. wide and 10 ft. long. Every spring we spade in mushroom compost and top dress the beds with it as a mulch to prevent weeds and act as a nutrient "tea" with each watering. As summer progresses, I'll add several inches of homemade compost. Two types of clematis growing over garden gate in entrance (white Henry on the left and purple Jackmantii on the right). Herbs, onions, and melons/squash are more bunny resistant and so are planted in beds outside the fence.

The half-inch rebar stakes spaced every 2 feet along the sides of the two raised beds on the left-hand side are used for winter gardening. 10-ft lengths of schedule 40 PVC pipe are placed on top of the rebar and bent across the raised bed in an arch shape. Thick clear plastic is secured and a mini-greenhouse allows us to grow salad greens and carrots throughout the winter and start plants early too. We were inspired by Eliot Coleman's book, Four-Season Harvest, published in 1992 by Chelsea Green Publishing Company, Vermont (ISBN 1-890132-27-6). It's a very practical and informative book that every gardener should look at. You can see the plastic pipe greenhouses in some photos in my Garden set.