Water Resources Engineering (CE 32)

Civil and Environmental Enginnering Professor Brian Younkin took his Water Resources Engineering (CE 320) class out on the river. We only had a few hours on the river and so we paddled around the island at Milton, looking at the river, stream bank protection and storm water structures at Milton, and scour and deposition around the bridge piers. We also discussed water resource issues currently facing the Susquehanna River, especially waste water treatment, assimilative capacity, and disposal of frac water from natural gas drilling in the Marcellus shale.

Air temps were cool (64°F) and cloudy skies, with water temperatures hovering around 58°F. We entered the river at the PAFBC ramp at Milton State Park around 2 pm and paddled like mad against the current to make our way upstream. A lot of frogs and eggs on the cobbles in the shallows around the islands.

River discharge at Lewisburg was 8,580 ft3 sec-1.