Water Resources Engineering (CE 320)

Civil and Environmental Enginnering Professor Jessica Newlin took her Water Resources Engineering (CE 320) class out on the river. The weather was perfect and this was one of the most helpful and fun-loving group of students I've ever taken kayaking. Two laboratory sections - first group in the morning and a second after lunch.

The weather was beautiful - around 72°F when we started around 9 am, climbing to 95°F in the late afternoon! Distance: 8.9 miles; duration: 2 hours 20 minutes at a leisurely pace. Morning group launched at 9:20 and took out at 11:20; afternoon group launched at 12:30 and took out around 3 pm. We started at the PFBC access at Watsontown and ended at the facilities picnic area on the Bucknell campus in Lewisburg.

River discharge at Lewisburg was 8,580 ft3 sec-1.