Summer Writer's Institute

Led a fun group of english and literature majors spending a week on campus learning about nature writing. Professors Alf Siewers (english) and Katie Faull (foreign languages) were the instructors. We paddled 12.2 miles from Montoursville, down the "Long Reach" and around the "Great Bend" in Muncy, going at a leisurely pace and stopping to discuss the history of the region and look at things along the way. We put in at the municipal access park by the Montoursville airport (RM35.3) around 10:00 am and took out at the PFBC access at Montgomery (RM22.9) by 3:00 pm.

We talked about water quality in the river and the impact of logging and industrialization on the ecology and aquatic habitat of the Susquehanna. Saw mergansers, herons, bald eagle, and numerous water birds. Very nice caddis fly hatch around 2 pm.

The discharge in the Susquehanna River at Williamsport was 3,400 ft3 sec-1, below the 114-year average discharge of 4,900 3 sec-1.