2009 Summer Research Faculty and Students

Summer research faculty and student paddle the Susquehanna River
The summer was coming to an end and the Environmental Center summer students and Civil Engineering interns wanted to enjoy a day together on the river. Water levels in the West Branch of the Susquehanna remained high enough for us to float the Long Reach from Montoursville to Muncy. We paddled 7.6 miles from Montoursville to the Great Bend at Muncy, going at a leisurely pace and stopping to look at things along the way. We put in at the municipal access park by the Montoursville airport (RM35.3) around 10:20 am and took out at the PFBC access at Muncy (RM27.7) by 1:50 pm.

The discharge in the Susquehanna River at Williamsport was 3,980 ft3 sec-1, which is slightly above the 114-year average discharge of 3,460 3 sec-1 for Aug 19th. The rapids were smoothed over and the water a bit more turbid. Click the "play" button on the Quicktime video to the right to see what is was like to drift down the gentle rapids near King Island (RM 32.5).

The weather was mild (75°F) and quite humid (62%), with no wind. By the early afternoon, convective thunderstorms build up and it poured on as we were loading the boats. We didn't see a lot of birds on this trip, except for the occasional blue heron and canvas back ducks.
The most depressing thing was the overwhelming presence of Japanese knotweed along the right banks of the river. It was flowering and covered with tall, pale-white inflouresents. If I wasn't opposed to using herbicides so close to the river, I would have called the Federal government and asked them to spray it with Glyphosate to kill it. Click on the photo to the left to see what it looked like.