Institute for Leadership in Technology and Management

Got to spend the day with twenty four summer interns participating in Bucknell's summer Institute for Leadership in Technology and Management. Professors Mike Toole (engineering) and Eric Santanen (management) were their primary instructors and accompanied us on the float trip. They had spent eight weeks of intense workshop experiences and a day of paddling on the river was a great way to wrap things up.

We paddled 7.6 miles from Lycoming Creek at Montoursville, down the Long Reach from to the Great Bend in Muncy, going at a leisurely pace and stopping to look at things along the way. We put in at the municipal access park by the Montoursville airport (RM35.3) around 2:40 pm and took out at the PFBC access at Muncy (RM27.7) by 5:50 pm. Lots of wildlife along this stretch of the river - we saw an immature bald eagle, numerous blue herons, a turtle, and hatch of Common Spreadwings damselflies.

The discharge in the Susquehanna River at Williamsport was
2,210 ft3 sec-1, which below the 114-year average discharge of 3,880 3 sec-1 for July 16th.