Selected photos of the Susquehanna River, our favorite field teaching and research sites, and snapshots of faculty and students participating in courses and teaching workshops sponsored by Bucknell's Susquehanna River Initiative.

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Assessing stream restoration structures.jpg

Bear Creek, Lycoming Watershed, Pennsylvania.jpg

Blue Heron along the river.jpg

caddis fly case with larvae.jpg

Canoeing up the Susquehanna near Lewisburg, PA.jpg

Civil Engineering kayak trip on West Branch near Milton.jpg

Civil Engineering River Engineering lab.jpg


Dam removal workshop.jpg

Gravels exposed on river bar.jpg

Heartland Coalition faculty and students.jpg

Kettle Creek @ Bunnel Bridge Project - 6.jpg

Kettle Creek @ Deb's Place.jpg

Kettle Creek @ Headgate Project - 11.jpg

Low flow conditions at Lewisburg.jpg


Measuring bedload in White Deer Creek.jpg

Measuring water quality in the North Branch Susquehanna River near Milton, PA.jpg

Measuring water quality.jpg

Mollusc shells and bedrock on river bed.jpg

Montandon Marsh in winter.jpg

Nicole and Sherri wetlands plant dig.jpg

paddling the Susquehanna.jpg

Paddling up Chillisquaque Creek.jpg

Real-Time Monitoring Plot.jpg

River Mechanics lab paddling trip.jpg

Stream Restoration workshop at Muncy Creek Gavitt Site.jpg

student kayk trip.jpg

Students drilling groundwater monitoring wells near Montandon marsh.jpg

Surveying stream restoration structures at coal strip mine.jpg

Susquehanna from the Bucknell boat ramp.jpg

Susquehanna River at Clark's Ferry bridge.jpg

Susquehanna RIver near Harrisburg, PA.jpg

Susquehanna River near Hyner, PA.jpg

Susquehanna River near Liverpool, PA.jpg

Susquehanna River pinnacle point Holtwood PA.jpg

taking a break on a river island.jpg

Treating coal mine drainage.jpg

Trout habitat improvement project on Kettle Creek.jpg

Watercolor of Juniata River entering Susquehanna River.jpg

West Branch of Susquehanna River near Hyner, PA.jpg

West Branch Susquehanna near Renovo, PA.jpg

West Branch Susquehanna River near Hyner, PA.jpg

West Branch Susquehanna River near White Deer, PA.jpg

YSI Sonde monitoring river chemistry.jpg