My research is field-based and directed toward the following:
  • Fluvial Geomorphology - In the Susquehanna River, how do flow hydraulics and sediment loads relate to the channel morphology and aquatic habitat? What was the impact of historic logging on the watershed and how have the stream channels changed over the past two hundred years? How does the hyporheic zone relate to the pools and riffles in the river?

  • Stream Restoration - How well are the thousands of restoration structures built on streams in the Susquehanna watershed performing? What land use, hydrologic, and geomorphic factors are impacting them? What approaches might be used? How can we reconnect abandoned sections of the floodplain to the river? How can we improve aquatic habitat in local streams?

  • Wetlands Hydrology - How did the palustrine and rivering wetlands along the Susquehanna River form? How old are they? What is their hydrogeology?

  • Previous Research Projects - Brief description of various projects I've worked on over the past twenty years.