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Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Bucknell University

Craig Beal

As a member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Bucknell University, I pursue research and teaching interests in system dynamics, controls, robotics, and vehicle dynamics. This website offers insight into my background and interests as well as listing my current activities.


Teaching Experience:

I have acted as an instructor, advisor, mentor, and teaching assistant for students and courses at Stanford University and Bucknell University. I enjoy interacting with students and getting the chance to shape the way that they approach solving problems. Please check out my Teaching Experience page for a more complete description of my teaching background.

Research Experience:

My research interests lie in dynamics and controls. My dissertation research focuses on the application of model predictive control to vehicles for driver assistance and active safety. I have also worked in mechatronics (specifically animatronics), and nonlinear control. Please check out my Research Experience page for a more complete description of my research background.

Industry Experience:


Honors and Awards: