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Christopher G. Daniel

Associate Professor of Geology

Office: O'Leary 223, phone (570) 577-1133

Lab: O'Leary 115/116, phone (570) 577-1133

E-mail: cdaniel@bucknell.edu

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Research & Education Experience


My primary teaching responsibilities include:

GEOL 103 The Dynamic Earth

GEOL 104 Evolution of the Earth

GEOL 217 Crystallography & Mineralogy

GEOL 312 Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology

in addition I have taught a Foundation Seminar entitled Cadillac Desert, and I have supervised the senior research program GEOL 329/430.


Undergraduate Research Students

Ben Hallett {'02}: Ben's project was to document the relative and absolute timing of metamorphism and deformation in Proterozoic migmatites from the Rincon Range, northern New Mexico. Click here for the results of his research.

Emily Short {'06}: Emily just completed her undergraduate honors thesis entitled Evidence for 1.40-1.35 Ga Regional Metamorphism and Deformation in the Thompson Peak Area, Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

R. Daniel Heuer {'07}: Dan's project to begin this summer is entitled Relative and Absolute Timing of Partial Melting and Regional Deformation in Proterozoic Migmatites of the Santa Fe Range, North-Central New Mexico.

Aubri Jenson {'07}: Aubri's project to begin this summer is entitled Effects of radioactive decay and chemical alteration on the chemistry and crystalline structure of accessory minerals from the Harding Pegmatite, Taos County, New Mexico.

Current Research Projects

My research interests include studying metamorphic rocks from modern and ancient mountain belts to better understand how the continents were formed and how they have evolved with time. Current research is focused upon understanding the interactions of metamorphism, deformation and plutonism in the relatively young uplift of the Himalaya Mountains and in the much older, Precambrian rocks of the southwestern U. S.

Please follow the links below for more detailed information about my research projects.

Field Areas
New Mexico, USA
Dzong at Bjakar Coexisting kyanite, sillimanite, and andalusite from the Picuris Mountains, NM

Studies in Metamorphic Processes
3-Dimensional Patterns of Garnet Zoning

Mn isosurfaces within 3 garnet crystals. Yellow is highest concentration (near the garnet core, green is an intermediate concentration and blue is the lowest concentration corresponding to the garnet rim. Crystals are about 1 mm in diameter.

3-Dimensional Spatial Patterns of Crystals

3-dimensional spatial distribution of garnet porphyroblasts within a garnet-staurolite schist from NW Connecticut. Volume rendered is about 50 mm x 75 mm x 20 mm. The largest crystals are about 7 mm in diamter.




Bucknell University, Scholarly Development Grant, $4,000, summer 2005.

NSF EAR-0132204, PI, $263,917. Acquisition of a New Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope with integrated Energy-Dispersive X-ray Analysis System. (6/02 to 5/04).

NSF EAR-9909457, $110,237, PI: Testing Models of Polyphase Tectonism in Northern New Mexico and Characterizing the ~1.4 Ga Tectonic Setting of the Southwest U.S. (1/00 to 12/02).


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