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I've included some links on this page from which you can learn more about related research. Additionally, there are some links to some other useful sites (as well as some that might eat away at your time...). If you have any suggestions for pages you think should be listed here, send me a quick email.

Compliant Mechanisms

Compliant Systems Design Lab - Prof. Sridhar Kota's group at the University of Michigan. Some really great people have come out of this lab ;). Seriously though, this website has some good information regarding compliant mechanisms mostly from the perspective of the structural optimizataion approach.

Flexsys, Inc. - A technology transfer company led by Sridhar Kota. Really good applications (including a flight tested compliant trailing edge) are being pursued here.

CMR - Prof. Larry Howell's group at Brigham Young University. Prof. Howell's group is the major proponent of the Psuedo-Rigid Body Model and has applied it for the design of a number of practical applications. This site is visually slick and has a good deal of content.

Precision Compliant Systems Lab - Prof. Martin Culpepper's group at MIT. Prof. Culpepper has done some really interesting work.

Journals and Conferences

ASME Journal of Mechanical Design

Mechanism and Machine Theory

ASME 2007 Design Engineering Technical Conferences


Other useful sites