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  Being at Bucknell gives me a great opportunity to work some talented students who are eager to get good research done. I have yet to figure out the make-up of a perfect student researcher. The only real requirements that I have for students to work with me are that they are eager and persistent. Check out the current students and the students who have worked for me in the past.

In addition to students who work for me, I actively seek out collaborations with other faculty members. I try to make a habit of presenting my research to whoever will listen (attentively), so let me know if you're interested in collaborating.

Current Students

Adam Andersen '10 - Mechanical Design principles for the third world

Taotao Tang '13 - Mechanical Design of a bicycle cart for Uganda

Previous Students

Geoffrey Woo '10 - Robotic fish, MCMS mechanisms, Statically Balanced Compliant Mechanisms

Susan Barnes '10 - Spatial Bistable Mechanisms for MCMS