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I generally find students to work with by either approaching ones that I've had in class or by having students approach me looking for summer research opportunities. I've included information here regarding some of my policies and expectations. I really do enjoy having undergraduate students work with me and have high expectations for their performance.


I generally will take students from all classes as long as you show a genuine interest the work. The research I do is generally heavy in "mechanics" (i.e. not thermo-fluids) and mathematics. You should be comfortable with both of these. Any programming skill is also generally desireable. I typically want to see a current resume and transcript.

If you want to work for me during the summer...

I will only take summer students who are willing to do an independent study (MECH 485) with me for a semester prior to the summer. This means that we should be talking about summer research well before the beginning of the spring semester. The independent study is helpful because it gives you an opportunity to do any kind of background work before the summer begins. Additionally, it gives me an idea of what I may expect of you during the summer.

Additionally, I typically have my summer students submit proposals for Bucknell's Program for Undergraduate Research (see link on right). This is a good chance for you to put together your thoughts about a project well before it begins. Additionally, if you are awarded funding through this program, it's a good thing to put on your resume.

Other Research opportunities

Depending on my schedule, I am usually willing to take on independent studies during the school year even if the research will not continue during the summer. Check with me for project ideas.