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Presentations and Lectures

  1. Why Johnson and Globalization? [Two Parts: Two Sessions.]11th International Congress on the Enlightenment, Los Angeles, 2003 (forthcoming).

  2. The Bucknell University Press Studies in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture: New Wine in Old Bottles, Conference of the Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies, Tampa, 2002.

  3. Publishing Hispanic Studies in a Growing Market, MLA Convention, New York, 2002.

  4. Anecdote, Narrative, and History in 18th-Century Biographical Writing, ASECS, Colorado Springs 2002.

  5. Producing and Publishing 18th-Century Scholarship, MLA Convention, New Orleans, 2001.

  6. Theory as History: Discussant’s Response at conference on “What Difference has Theory Made? Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche, Freud,” Bucknell University, 2001.

  7. Cowley, Hume, Johnson and the Experience of Montaigne, ASECS, New Orleans, 2001.

  8. Johnson’s Critical Pertinence, ASECS, Philadelphia, 2000.

  9. Historicizing Johnson, Tenth International Congress on the Enlightenment, Dublin, 1999.

  10. Publishing 18th-Century Scholarship and the Fate of the Monograph, ASECS, Milwaukee, WI, 1999.

  11. ‘The inequalities of memory:’ Austen in the Enlightenment, NEASECS, Williamstown, MA, 1998.

  12. The Humanities in the ‘90s: An American Perspective, Humanities and Arts Higher Education Research Group, Open University, Milton Keynes, 1998.

  13. Samuel Johnson and the Adventure of Language, Bucknell Today, 1998.

  14. Ackroyd, Chatterton, & the Forging of National History, NEASECS, Boston, 1997.

  15. Johnson and Difference, Opening of the Samuel Johnson Centre sponsored by the Johnson Birthplace Trust and the Cambridge University Press, University of Birmingham, 1997.

  16. Johnson's Difference, NEH Chair inaugural lecture, Bucknell University, 1997.

  17. Translating Difference: Dryden, Pope, and Johnson on Dryden (and Virgil), ASECS, Nashville, 1997.

  18. The Fiction of Jeanette Winterson and the Ethics of Historiography, Lecture, Bucknell University, 1996.

  19. Fiction/History/Translation: Jeanette Winterson's Sexing the Cherry and the languages of late 17th-century England, ASECS, Austin, 1996.

  20. Johnson and Foucault, Response to session on “The Body of Samuel Johnson: Foucault's ‘Inscribed Surface of Events,’” ASECS, Austin, 1996.

  21. Self and Culture in Travel Writing: Hamilton-Patterson, Levi, McCarthy, Lecturer in the
    Humanities for the New York Council for the Humanities, 1992-95.

  22. Fiction and Narrative in Johnson's Lives of the Poets, NEASECS, Ottawa, 1995.

  23. Ethnography, Narrative, and 18th-Century Historiography,” 9th International Congress on the Enlightenment, Münster, Germany, 1995.

  24. Boswell's Pregnancy: Sexual Difference in Boswell's Life of Johnson, DeBartolo Conference, Tampa, 1995.

  25. Ackroyd's Chatterton, Historiography, and the Problematics of Postmodernism, MLA Convention, San Diego, 1994.

  26. “On not putting out our eyes when it is dark: Johnson, Discursiveness, and Inter-disciplinrity,” NEASECS, New York, 1994.

  27. (de)constructing 18th-century historiography, WSECS, Santa Barbara, 1993.

  28. Imagining and re-imagining eighteenth-century historiography: the perspective from Ackroyd's Chatterton, ASECS, Providence, 1993.

  29. Boswell's Historiography, 8th International Congress on the Enlightenment, Bristol, 1991.

  30. Johnson's Literary Biography as Historiography, NEASECS, Amherst, 1990.

  31. What Did Johnson Think of Dryden's Fables? ASECS, New Orleans, 1989.

  32. Ventriloquizing the Past: Memory and Memorability in Johnson's Literary Biography, Conference of the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, London, 1989.

  33. Memory and Memorability in Johnson's Literary Biography, NEASECS, Allentown, 1988.

  34. Johnson's Scepticism, Faculty Forum lecture, Fordham University, New York, 1988.

  35. Johnson's Criticism of Dryden's Odes in Praise of St. Cecilia, ASECS, Cincinnati, 1987.

  36. Johnson's Literary Portraits, Johnson Bicentenary Conference, Oxford, 1984.

Panels Chaired

  1. Johnson and the Globalization of Literature, ISECS/ASECS, Los Angeles, 2003.

  2. Johnson’s Passionate Reasonableness, ECASECS, Cape May, NJ, 2001.

  3. Johnson at the Millennium: Looking Before and After, The Tenth International Congress on the Enlightenment, Dublin, 1999.

  4. Publishing the Eighteenth Century, ASECS, Milwaukee, WI, 1999.

  5. Science and Religion: History, Ninth International Congress on the Enlightenment, Muenster, Germany, 1995.

  6. Johnson's Criticism: Texts, Contexts, Legacies, ASECS, Tucson, 1995.

  7. Law, Language and Limits: Narratology and the Eighteenth Century, NEASECS, New York, 1994.

  8. Ethnographic Narrative in the Eighteenth Century, ASECS, Charleston, 1994.

  9. Presenting and Representing History in the Eighteenth Century, NEASECS, New Haven, 1993.

  10. Boswell in the Enlightenment, 8th International Congress on the Enlightenment, Bristol, 1991.

  11. Eighteenth-Century Historiography: Practice, Theory, New Perspectives, NEASECS, Amherst, 1990.

  12. Boswell and the Scottish Enlightenment, MLA Convention, San Francisco, 1987.