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Curriculum Vitae


Submissions and working papers


Massoud, Tansa, John Doces, and Christopher Magee, 2017, “Explaining and Predicting the Arab Spring: An Empirical Analysis”



Data for papers


Baldwin, R. and C. Magee, 2000, “Is Trade Policy for Sale? Congressional Voting on Recent Trade Bills,” Public Choice 105: 79 – 101.

Baldwin and Magee data


Magee, C., 2001, “Administered Protection for Workers: An Analysis of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program,” Journal of International Economics 53 (1): 105 – 125.

Trade Adjustment Assistance data set used in the paper


Tariff Data by 1972 SIC industry code, 1974 – 1992, calculated from the Feenstra trade dataset, used and described in the TAA paper


Magee, C., 2002, “Do political action committees give money to candidates for electoral or influence motives?” Public Choice 112: 373 – 399.

            Electoral and influence motive data set used in the Public Choice paper.


Magee, C., 2003, “Third Party Candidates and the 2000 Presidential Election,” Social Science Quarterly 84 (3): 574 – 595.

            This zipped file contains two STATA files, one from the CBS poll and the other from the National Election Studies poll during the 2000 election.


Magee, C., 2003, “Endogenous Preferential Trade Agreements: An Empirical Analysis,” Contributions to Economic Analysis & Policy 2 (1), article 15,

            This zipped file has the STATA data set used in the paper 


Beaulieu, E. and C. Magee, 2004, “Four Simple Tests of Campaign Contributions and Trade Policy Preferences,” Economics and Politics 16 (2): 163 – 187.

            This zipped file contains the STATA data set used in the paper and a Word file describing the data


Magee, C., C. Davidson, and S. Matusz, 2005, “Trade, Turnover, and Tithing,” Journal of International Economics, 66 (1), 157 – 176.

Pacdata.dta is the data set and is a do-file that creates the tables used in the paper.

Magee, Davidson, and Matusz Data


Magee, C. and A. Wolaver, 2005, “Policy Divergence in Races for the U.S. House of Representatives,” Social Science Quarterly 86 (3), 565 – 581.

            Magee_Wolaver.dta is a STATA data set that contains the data used in the policy divergence paper.


Wolaver, A., and C. Magee, 2006, “Law Firm, Insurance, and Health Care Lobbying over Medical Liability Legislation,” Topics in Economic Analysis & Policy 6 (1), article 21,

            House.sas7bdat is a SAS data set, and the file runs the programs used to estimate the regressions in the paper.

            Medical malpractice vote data set


Magee, C., 2007, “Influence, Elections, and the Value of a Vote in the U.S. House of Representatives,” Economics and Politics 19, 289 – 315.

            This is a zipped file with a SAS data set and the program used to create the tables in the paper (

Vote Value Data


Magee, C., 2008, “New Measures of Trade Creation and Trade Diversion,” Journal of International Economics 75, 340 – 362.

            Bilateral trade data set for 1980-1998 used in the paper (STATA file)


Magee, C., and S. Magee, 2008, “The United States is a Small Country in World Trade,” Review of International Economics 16 (5), 990 – 1004.

            1992 U.S. imports, exports, and world production by 3-digit ISIC industry (STATA file)

            Deriving equation 3 in the paper


Magee, C., 2009, Do Professors’ Opinions Affect Students?” Forum for Social Economics 38 (2-3), 135 – 151.

Teacher and student opinions data


Magee, C., 2010, “Would NAFTA have been approved by the House of Representatives under President Bush? Presidents, Parties, and Trade Policy,” Review of International Economics, 18 (2), 382 – 395.

Presidents and trade policy data


Magee, C. and T. Massoud, 2011, “Openness and Internal Conflict,” Journal of Peace Research 48 (1), 59 – 72.

            Openness and Internal Conflict data


Schroffel, Jesse, and Christopher Magee, 2011, “Own-Race Bias among NBA Coaches,” Journal of Sports Economics, March,  

NBA data


Magee, C., 2012, “The Incumbent Spending Puzzle,” Social Science Quarterly 93 (4), 932 – 949.

            House elections data 1972-2006


Massoud, T. and C. Magee, 2012, “Trade and Political, Economic, and Military Relations” Peace Economics, Peace Science, and Public Policy 18 (1).

            Trade and cooperation data


Doces and Magee project on trade and democracy

            Openness and democracy data


Bilateral trade and gravity data, 1980-2010


Magee, C., and J. Doces, 2015, “Reconsidering Regime Type and Growth: Lies, Dictatorships, and Statistics,” International Studies Quarterly 59 (2), 223-237.

            Dictatorships and growth data


Doces, John, and Christopher Magee, 2015, “Trade and Democracy: A Factor Based Approach,” International Interactions 41(2): 407 – 425.


Magee, Christopher, 2016, “Trade creation, trade diversion, and the general equilibrium effects of regional trade agreements: A study of the European Community – Turkey customs union,” Review of World Economics, 152 (2), 383-399.

            Turkey trade data


Magee, Christopher, 2017, “The increasing irrelevance of trade diversion,” forthcoming in Kyklos.


            Table 2: RTA effects for all potential trade partners


            Data on countries’ trade flows, tariffs for each partner by HS industry



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