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Just before leaving the United States, I invested in a Fuji Finepix 2650 2.1 megapixel digital camera for the sole purpose of getting pictures online quickly. Dreamweaver and Photoshop both offer quick ways to create nice photo galleries, and since one of the purposes of these pages is to try out various software that is supported at Bucknell, I've used the options that they provide. If you have questions about any of the galleries and the documentation isn't sufficient, please let me know.

All photo galleries will open in a new window.

Beginning of the trip - air flights, first trip to the West Coast, Te Anau, Doubtful Sound, Lake Hawea
Notes about the gallery: This gallery was created in Adobe Photoshop 7, using its automated Web Photo Gallery feature. The settings were Horizontal Blue & Gray for style, Arial size 3 for font, large size of 450 pixels and medium quality of 6 and no border, large thumbnails of 100 pixels and no border, and no security. Prior to creating the gallery, I had added captions to the file info for each photo in its original folder in Photoshop, which is fairly time consuming, but that is how captions are added to the gallery images. Photoshop will resize the images for you so you don't need to do that.

Stewart Island and Ulva Island - New Zealand's smallest and southernmost island, including a trip to Ulva Island, a small island off Stewart that has been cleared of predators in order to allow the native bird population to rebuild
Notes about the galleries: Both of these galleries were created in Create Web Photo Album 2.1 in Dreamweaver MX. Since I had created web versions of the photos, the scaling was at 100%, the template style was floral greeen, the navigation style was 1 | 2 | 3 for Stewart Island and previous | next for Ulva. The photos are medium quality with captions, and the thumbnails are 100px for Stewart and 144px for Ulva.

Summer in New Zealand - Sandymount (Lover's Leap and the Chasm) on the Otago Peninsula, a trip to Waitame and the Morekai Boulders north of Dunedin, the Catlins on the south coast, touch rugby in Dunedin
Notes about the galleries: These were all created in Create Web Photo Album 2.1, after having created smaller web-size folders of images by using a batch process in Fireworks. The styles are Beach blue and Beach yellow, with medium size photo images and thumbnails at 100px.

Dunedin - Second Beach in Dunedin, Dunedin's Botanical Gardens, Sandfly Bay on the peninsula, a hike up Mt Cargill
Notes about the gallery: I created this with Adobe Photoshop 7. In order to have captions, I added file information to each picture first. The settings in creating the gallery were: Style of vertical slide show 2, large size image of 450 px, large thumbnails of 100px, no custom colors or security. I originally used the style of horizontal patterns, but found that the captions did not appear. I also tried vertical framed, but found that there was no way to go from picture to picture other than clicking on the thumbnail - in vertical slide show, the images automatically advance each 10 seconds, or alternatively you can click on the thumbnails.

Dunedin again - the Festival of Thieves in the city, Tunnel Beach, St. Clair Beach, the Pyramids out on the Peninsula

Queenstown for Joe's birthday - bungy-jumping, gondolas and other adventure
Notes about the galleries: These were both created in Create Web Photo Album 2.1, using the outdoors blue and green templates after creating web friendly folders of 640 x 480 images first by using batch processing in Fireworks. I used a smaller thumbnail image of 72px for the larger gondola folder, since there were more images, and I also found that the color used for caption text was too light to be easily read, so I used the Find and Replace command to replace all the text in the folder with the color black.

Parents visit - a few sites around Dunedin
Notes about the gallery: I created this in the original Create Web Photo Album in Dreamweaver MX. As you can see, it looks much more basic, and while I've modified it a bit, if I were my only option I would do more customization with the fonts, photos, tables, colors, etc. The settings are: thumbnails smaller quality, 5 columns, no filenames, 100px; photos smaller quality, scaling 25%, and I checked the box to create the navigation page. On the plus side, this gallery took the least amount of time to create.

Local hikes - the Silver Stream race track in Dunedin, fantails, the Taeriri River Gorge hike
Notes about the gallery: This was done in Create Web Photo Album 2.1 using the professional template after using Fireworks to create a web folder at the right size and then adjusting the levels for each photo in Photoshop. I discovered that if you choose the option at the start of the Create Web Photo Album 2.1 that says 'create navigation pages only - no thumbnails' that your captions will not show up on screen either, even if you have typed them in - so if you want to use captions, be sure to select the radio button that says you want to use thumbnails and navigation pages, which requires Fireworks MX.

Start of the North Island circuit - whale watching in Kaikora, Wellington, Tongariro National Park waterfall and sunset
Notes about the gallery: This gallery was created in Dreamweaver MX using an extension that I downloaded from Macromedia called Create Web Photo Album 2.1, which is an update of the original Create Web Photo Album that came with Dreamweaver MX. There are no captions to the photos, although I tried adding them several times without succes to this batch. Before creating the photo album, I used my digital camera software, FinePix, to resize the folder of images to 640 x 480. The settings used in this gallery were: create web album with thumbnails and navigation (requires Fireworks MX), outdoor 1 blue template, jpg medium quality for the large images, scaling of 100% (since I had already created versions that were 640 x 480), thumbnail sizes of 100px, 5 columns, medium quality, and I clicked the box to add the file size of the photo.

North Island continued - Tongariro Nat'l Park hike on the volcanos, Thermal Wonderland and Rotorura, Hobbiton and the ferry crossing
Notes on the galleries: These were all done the same way, in Dreamweaver MX using Create Web Photo Album 2.1. After several false attempts, I found that trying to do a folder with too many images doesn't work if you want to add captions to each one, although large folders work fine without the captions (as in the first North Island gallery). So I broke this up into 3 smaller galleries, and the captions worked fine. These files also had been created in a 640 x 480 size, so the settings were: outdoor 2 gray, large photo of 100% scaling, medium quality, and navigation style of |< < > >| (rather than first previous next last). The thumbnails were 100px, medium quality, and in 7 columns. I found that I couldn't read the captions in their original colors, so I did a Find and Replace command for each of the folders to find the body text color and changed it to white, which helped considerably.

South Island return
The upper west coast of the South Island, including sea kayaking at Abel Tasman National Park and Pancake Rocks
Notes about the gallery: This was created in Dreamweaver MX, using Create Web Photo Album 2.1 and my favorite template - travel. I created 640 x 480 versions of each of the photos first in Fireworks MX and put these photos in their own folders. I used a small thumbnail of 72px with better quality for this one, and for the large photos I used the Previous | First | Home | Next | Last navigation, medium quality, and 100% scaling. I also checked the box to prompt for captions and insert the file size.
Franz Josef Glacier, a day long hike on the glacier
Notes about the gallery: Everything was the same as the gallery above except I made larger thumbnails at 144px and kept them at medium quality.
Wanaka - the last night of our trip, in one of Central Otago's premier destinations and I think our favorite town in NZ other than Dunedin
Notes about the gallery: Everything was the same as the other galleries except I changed the quality of the 144px thumbnail to smaller quality.

Fall in Dunedin - a hike out to Boulder Beach on the peninsula, Larnarch Castle on the Peninsula, our backyard amidst the changing seasons

Fall on the Peninsula - a hike out above Port Chalmers with views toward the peninsula, the harbor and Dunedin, and a trip to the aquarium near Portobello on the peninsula

Lin and Frank come to visit - a few sites around Dunedin, and a trip to Queenstown

Queenstown in the fall - our last trip, with stops at the goldfields and Sara's bungy jump

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