Ah, where to begin . . .

Well, this is both work and fun, but since January 2003, we have been in Dunedin, New Zealand, as Tammy has been on sabbatical and I have been on a leave. For more info, check out the NZ pages -

For 4 years, Cami Fink and I ran the Bucknell Summer Softball League. Alas, it became too much, so we're passing the torch -

Silvio Dante - actually Little Stevie from Springsteen's E Street Band!

Of course, the fourth season of the Sopranos is over and I have decided that it is my favorite show, maybe of all time.

Then again, I'd hate to put these guys up against these guys.

Tony Soprano - I like watching him because he is the same age I am, but he looks older!

Favorite Band of all time: Southern Culture on the Skids

Favorite movie: Alma mater:
Appalachian Trail Conference - I'm working on completing the AT, although I've only finished Georgia and NC up to GSMNP so far. Here is a map of the trail - obviously, I've got a ways to go. Jim Baish and I covered the 71 miles of the Smokies at the end of May, 2002 and we have photos to prove it!

And one more thing . . . Guess the images!

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