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        Chengtong Zhang (Chem/Phys '20)  - AMBER / micelles 
        Mark Roginkin (Biomed '20)  - NUS
        Noy Hassid (Bioch '21) - metabolomics
        Emma Robinson (MS '18) - metabolomics 
        Echo He (BS '20)* - micelles
        Raeanne Geffert (Bioch '20)* - micelles
        Chad Sussman (Bioch '19)* -micelles (*with Strein lab)
        Sophie Kong (Bioch '20)# - micelles (#with Krout lab)
        Group Alums
     Some Pictures:

        SUMMER 2014 Crew!                                              SUMMER 2014 Sigma Xi                                                    ENC 2013 Pictures                      
        Group Photo Summer 2014                                                        Matt Miele Sigma Xi 2014  Rajasri Alaparthi Sigma Xi 2014  Reilly Sonstrom Sigma Xi 2014                                          
        (Matt, Levi, Broc, Reilly, Rai, DSR)                      (Levi, Matt, Raj, Reilly)                                                           (Broc, Riju, Mel)


Aug 1 2018. Mark calendars for Emma Robinson's thesis defense!
June 2018. Congrats to Sophie Kong for winning one of the poster awards at Chirality in Princeton; and lab alum Reilly Sonstrom received for her PhD work at UVA!
May 2018. Read all about chiral binding sites in our newest article on Langmuir featuring Adam, Jenna, Kyle and Greg!
May 2018. Congratulations to Emma Wang (BS Biochem '18) on Phi Beta Kappa and starting a PhD candidacy at Yale in the fall!
May 2018. Quantile scheduler updated with more user-friendly features. Please visit our Downloads Page to get it!
May 2018. DSR and Frank did the NUS Tutorial at ENC 2018 - want to know how to SMILE or IST or maximize your entropy? What is the bandwidth of NUS anyway? While we wait for the video to go up, check out all of the ENC tutorial videos.
Spring 2018. Personalized medicine and our exciting collaboration with Geisinger shared in a Bucknell 360 Online Lecture.
Spring 2018. Quantile paper is live! Choosing NUS schedules is very intuitive with quantiles. Check it out at JMR.
Fall 2017. Emma Robinson giving a sneak peek of NAFLD metabolomic results at The Obesity Society. Poster Abstract.
Spring 2017. The quantile scheduler is now officially released - please visit our Downloads Page to get it.!
Spring 2017. Where did the time go? Congratulations to our graduating seniors D. Levi Craft ('17), Matt Taddeo ('17) and Ross Pirnie ('17)!
Spring 2016. Congratulations to our graduating seniors Reilly Sonstrom ('16) heading to UVA and Phillip Martin ('16) heading to PSU!
October 2015. Reilly Sonstrom (Cell Bio/Biochem'17) and Levi Craft (Eng. '18) presented posters at the Upstate NY NMR Conference.
October 2015. Get 20% 13C enrichment with 10% 13C glucose. We call it optimized fractional enrichment: congrats to first authors Broc and Reilly on this cool paper. (2015). Abstract.
April 2015. A great team effort led by Mel's thesis work puts NUS sensitivity on solid ground: Sensitivity of Nonuniform Sampling NMR, at J. Phys. Chem. B, (2015).
January 2014. Make NUS work for you. And this must be first use of Beer License in NMR software! Performance tuning non-uniform sampling for sensitivity enhancement of signal-limited biological, J. Biomol. NMR 58(4): 303-314, (2014). Abstract.
2014-15. Just noticed that the cross polarization tutorial is one of the top downloaded articles at Concepts.
Spring 2014. Some people are making a case that the Lambert function deserves to be a button on every calculator. We think so too!
2011-2012 NUS. You can calculate the sensitivity enhancement by NUS. It can even be compounded in multiple NUS dimensions.

Group Alumni:

   Xiaoyuan (Emma) Wang (Yale)
   D. Levi Craft (MS '19, Bucknell Chem. Eng.)
   Matthew Taddeo
   Ross Pirnie (w/ Strein lab) ( U. Penn)
   Reilly Sonstrom - (UVA)
   Phillip Martin - (PSU)
   Claire Ouimet - (B.S. 2014)
   Riju Gupta - (BS '14)
   Broc Wenrich (M.S. '14, TCMC)

  Melissa Palmer (B.S. '13, Picarro, San Francisco)
  Kendall Sandy (B.S. '13, Univ. Arizona)
  Adam Meier (B/S/ '13 w/ Strein lab, Univ. Arizona)

2012   Paris Barkan (Neuro '12, premed)
  Brandy Taylor (M.S. Chem '12, TBA)
  Broc Wenrich

  Thomas Mann (CHM '11, Stanford)


  Mark Sarcone (Bio '10)
  Lauren Manning (Bioch '10, Univ. Penn.)

2009   Will Tsai (CHM '09)
  Ze Jiang (CHM/MATH '09)
  Alyson Cobb (CHM '09)

  Paul Kennedy(M.S. '10, Penn State)
  Greg Manley (CHM '08, Yale Ph.D.)
  Jayne Kubat (CHM '08, Cornell DVM)
  Meghan Monaghan (CHM '08, Washington & Lee Law)

  Kyle Eckenroad (M.S. CHEM '07, Merck)
  Katie Selzler (BIO '07, Rochester Neuro. Ph.D.)
  Summer '07 Pic

  Lindsay Morris (CHM '06, ???)
  Laura Thompson (CHM '06, Ph.D. Univ. of Md)
  Matt Mosellen (CHM '06, George Mason Law)
  Michael Heinrich (CHM '06, Univ. Penn.)
  Brian Wilson (M.S. '06, Notre Dame)
  Jeff Stoltzfus (EE '06, ???)
  Summer '06 Pic

  Jamie Brown (BIO '04, ?)

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