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Special note: I receive many requests for permission to show the film A Fair(y) Use Tale. This film is licensed under a Creative Commons license which means you do not need to request permission. You can just download and show it. It's free. Yes, seriously, it is. I love hearing from people who use the film (and even those who hate it--I admit the film is kind of annoying) but no need for permission. If you absolutely, positively must own a physical copy of the film, you can buy it from The Media Education Foundation.

And check out Teaching which incorporates the film into a lesson plan for teachers.











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My research primarily focuses on how technology impacts film style and film content across history. I'm especially interested in how recent digital technologies repeat formal and thematic patterns found in pre- and early cinema.

"A Review of 'Dziga Vertov: Defining Documentary Film,'" Quarterly Review of Film and Video (27.4, 2010): 337 – 340

"A Manifesto for Critical Media," Mediascape (spring, 2008)

"Movables, Movies, and Mobility," Early Popular Visual Culture (5.1, April 2007) 71 - 91.

"Chronophotography and The Digital Image," Arret Sur Image (Francois Albera, Andre Gaudreault, and Marta Braun, eds., Luasanne, Switzerland: Payot, 2002) 335 - 345. Recently translated into Italian for Oltre il cinema. Per una nuova storia dei media dalla pre-televisione a Internet, forthcoming 2011, Dino Audino Editore.

Film Theory into Practice
, an introductory textbook for Bedford/St. Martin's.

















I produce multimedia works that imagine how academic scholarship works as an audio/visual medium. I also occasionally work as a commercial writer and director.

I'm currently developing a feature film and web-based project called Within The Law that recreates a lost 1917 silent film. Peter Kaufman of Intelligent Television is executive producing.


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I teach a wide variety of courses in film/media studies from introductory courses to advanced production seminars.

Recent courses I've offered include: ENGL 130 - Introduction to Film/Media Studies, ENGL 234 - History of Hollywood,
ENGL 337 - Film Theory, ENGL 339 - Seminar in Film/Video Production, and ENGL 336 - Auteurs: Hitchcock and Lynch









  Bucknell offers a minor in Film Studies and a major in Film/Media Studies. The major is a concentration within the English Department.