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Nanofabrication Lab

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About the Lab

The Nanofabrication Laboratory at Bucknell University is a platform for enhancing the undergraduate engineering education through interdisciplinary projects in designing, manufacturing, and characterizing materials and devices with nanoscale features. The laboratory provides unique demonstration and experimental capabilities in nanofabrication for Bucknell students and the greater Bucknell community. Through use of the Nanofabrication Laboratory, nanoscale science and engineering projects are incorporated into undergraduate engineering curricula across several disciplines through courses in nanotechnology, materials science, solid mechanics, electronics materials, surface chemistry, polymer chemistry, and manufacturing. Experimental capabilities available in the Nanofabrication Laboratory facilitate technologically relevant senior design projects. The overall mission of the Bucknell Nanofabrication Laboratory is to introduce realistic applications of nanoscale phenomena and nanofabrication through project-based learning and to demonstrate the myriad applications of nanotechnology to undergraduate engineering students.