Ellen K. Herman

Assistant Professor

Department of Geology, Bucknell University

My current research focuses on karst hydrology.† I am particularly interested in how water and sediment flow through and shape karst systems.† While I have concentrated mostly on springs like Arch Spring, pictured at right, I am also interested in what happens before the water and sediment reach the spring.

In karst environments, a portion of the bedrock has been altered through dissolution.† Karst can occur in many types of rocks, but most karst occurs in limestone, dolomite, gypsum, and halite (rock salt).† I primarily study systems in limestone and dolomite.†

Some of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth are karstic.† Youíll find links to some incredible photos here.† If youíd like to learn more about the basics of karst, try here.† Roughly 10% of Earthís continental expanse is underlain by karst, and it occurs in most environments, from arid to humid.† You donít have to cave to explore the many karst systems that have surface expression, but itís certainly a fun way to get an understanding of the subsurface.† The National Speleological Society or your local grotto can help you if youíre interested.

Department of Geology

224 O'Leary Center

Lewisburg, PA† 17837


Phone: 570-577-3088

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Arch Spring, Blair County, PA

Tytoona Cave (the upstream end of Arch Spring), Blair County, PA

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