Anne Marie Worbass

Memoirs of Anne Marie Worbass

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Anna Marie Worbass, née Schemmel

Anna Worbass' memoir is a remarkably eloquent testimonial to her life of faith. Born into a tanner's family, Worbass came to the Moravians during the awakening in Wittenberg in the 1740's. In a dream she hears a message that she should join the Congregation and, once her father has died, she packs up a few things and walks to Herrnhaag. She is refused permission to stay. On the road home a voice tells her turn around and try again, however she does not heed the voice. She returns to Wittenberg to work for Georg Schlosser with whom she eventually travels to America as his maid. Once in Bethlehem she is released from service to the Schlossers and becomes a maid to the Single Sisters. In 1758 she marries Peter Worbass and they move from Moravian settlement to Moravian settlement for the next twelve years. In 1770 they are instructed to build the first family house in Nazareth. Anna's memoir is written in her own hand. It has neither an editorial framework nor emendations. For example, no information is added, as is usually the case, about her two sons who, as she says, "have gone astray and have been corrupted."