Cable Information for External 3.5" Floppy Diskette Drive for IBM Thinkpads

This drive is the functional replacement for the present IBM FRU# 10H4056 external floppy drive and the older IBM FRU# 59G7918, #48G9896 and #05K8989 external floppy drives.
The drive is made by TEAC (which also makes the same series FD-05 drives for IBM, HP and others).

Cables are an option for the buyer of the external 3.5" (1.44Mb) floppy diskette drive. Different Thinkpad models require different IBM cables (but if the external drive is for use as a spare, or for the replacement of an existing external drive, then you won't need a new cable). Appropriate IBM cables can usually be purchased from:
IBM [call ... (800) 388-7080
during normal business hours]
or from me [e-mail: for questions].

Please Note .... The listed cable prices from me are cable prices only in conjunction with the sale of a floppy drive.

Cable information update:
Yes!! the two more popular cables are IN STOCK !!
 Thinkpad Model IBM Cable FRU# Price from me Price from IBM
 701 family (701c / 701cs) 04H6916 $35.85 (shipping included) $29.00 + tax
 365X / 365XD 74H0219 not available from me $78.00 + tax +shipping
 500 59G7925 not available from me $73.25 + tax +shipping
 510CS 73G3422 not available from me not available
 240 / 560 family xxxxxx 570 / 600 / 600E / 600X 12J1711 or 39F2077 $26.95 (shipping included) $15.25 + tax
 760 / 765 models w/ external diskette port;
730T w/docking station
25H4879 ..Exact IBM Part is not available ...custom cable made on order... ....$97.50 available only on an exchange only basis at IBM...
Thinkpads in Dock II docking station [all 360, 370, 750, 755, & 760 and all 701(w/701 adapter kit)] 25H4879 [w/ some TPs, will not recognize 2 floppy drives under Win95] Custom cable made on order ....$97.50  $165.00 +
770 family (cable is the same as the 560 -- only longer) 12J0432 see 560/600 cable for functional replacement $6.50 + tax + shipping

Note: Having disassembled IBM FRU#10H4056 drives as well as Dell-branded drives, the only differences are the style of the plastic case, the logo, and the location of the eject button ..... the rest of the drive is the same .....pure TEAC.

Note: Many people prefer the placement and the "feel" of the eject button that slides on the top of the case (as in the Dell version) vs the placement & "feel" of the eject button in the front panel (as in the IBM version). Some claim that the more solid feel on the top eject button also helps prevent disk jams. ..
unfortunately, there won't be restocking of these great little drives ...(the drives may have only surfaced because Dell was tidying-up its warehouse and came across some excess inventory)...
only the drives with surface blemishes and inventory scuffs are left (see photos below for typical
surface blemishes)....
.... these drives are pretty darn good, so my 60-day guarantee .... if the drive fails within 60 days after you receive it, just let me know, send it back and I'll will send a replacement upon my receipt of the old drive.



Additional information on Dell-branded external floppy drive:
3.5" external diskette drive with Dell logo was made by TEAC Corporation, Japan.
Dell part number: 25749 .............FCC ID NO.: DX9-DELL-EXFDD
Drive is the functional equivalent of the present IBM FRU#10H4056 external drive and of the older IBM FRU # 59G7918 and FRU # 48G9896 external floppy drives.
Floppy drive guts are TEAC model FD-05HF ....036-U
For detailed information, look in the Notebook Floppy Drives section at:

Other ThinkPad items .......

New INTERNAL Floppy Drives
As always ..... my 60-DAY GUARANTEE ---- these drives are EXCELLENT, if any drive fails within 60 days, contact me, send it back and I will send a replacement, after receiving the returned item.

NEW!! Internal Floppy Drive [FRU # 29H9230] includes the removal strap with the blue tabs [FRU#29H9237].
Works great in a variety of Thinkpad models including:
355, 360, 750, 755, 760 and 765 series, and as the floppy in 750 FDD External Attachment Kit (#66G3618).

$23.50 (includes shipping in USA)


Note: ThinkPad is a registered trademark of IBM Co.