Harper, Frances."Advice to the Girls."  The Online Archive of Nineteenth-Century Women's Writings. Ed. Glynis Carr. Online. Internet. Posted: Winter 2000. http://www.facstaff.bucknell.edu/gcarr/19cUSWW/FH/ATTG.html

Advice to the Girls.

Nay, do not blush!  I only heard
You had a mind to marry;
I thought I'd speak a friendly word,
So just one moment tarry.

Wed not a man whose merit lies
In things of outward show,
In raven hair or flashing eyes,
That please your fancy so.

But marry one who's good and kind,
And free from all pretence;
Who, if without a gifted mind,
At least has common sense.
By Frances E. W. Harper
From Poems On Miscellaneous Subjects  (1854; 1857)

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