Professor Glynis Carr
Class Policies
Last Updated:  February 2002

Please do see me in my office, whether or not you are experiencing difficulty with the course. I will be there during regularly scheduled office hours for students wishing to drop in. To make an appointment, see me after class or use the telephone.

Students with disabilities will be accomodated. Students who need disability-related classroom accomodations are encouraged to make an appointment to see me as early in the semester as possible.

The calendar will be adjusted to accomodate Jewish, Muslim, and other students who plan to celebrate traditional, non-Christian holidays; see me if you need to be excused from class.

Attendance in most classes is required.  Occasional illness, however, is inevitable.  Bucknell's personnel policies allow for one sick day per month, which is the standard I use to count excused absences from class.  If you have an extended illness or some other problem that results in more frequent absence, please see me.

Student journals, presentations, discussion questions, or any other assignment contributing to the daily lesson plan may NOT be handed in late. Otherwise, late work will be accepted, but will be graded down.

Formal papers must be typed. Use double-spacing and leave ample margins for my comments. Use regular bond: use neither "onion skin" nor heavy, stationary-quality paper.

Bucknell students are responsible for the preparation and presentation of work representing their own efforts. Unless instructed to the contrary, you should assume that all assignments for me are to be completed without collaboration. Students are directed to use great care when preparing all written work and to acknowledge fully the source of all ideas and language other than their own. Plagiarism (using someone else's ideas or wordswithout proper acknowledgement) is a serious offense at Bucknell University.  Papers or other work suspected of being plagiarized will not be graded; cases of plagiarism and other species of academic misconduct will be handed over to the appropriate university officials.

Grades will not be discussed for 24 hours after students receive them. This "cooling off" period provides students the opportunity to reflect on the assignment and my comments, as well as to determine exactly what they want from a conference with me.

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