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We are soliciting contributions from heterodox economists (ICAPE members and other interested parties) for a Heterodox Economics Website. The goal is to promote heterodox economics by providing a web resource for teachers, researchers, and students. Please consider joining the team of project editors and contributing your own web resources, research, syllabi, and course materials to the project. For a draft description of this project, you can read a draft paper prepared by Steve Cohn and Geoff Schneider for the 2003 ICAPE conference that describes the project in detail. If you are interested in participating, send an email to Steve Cohn or Geoff Schneider.



Heterodox Economics Associations

Heterodox Economics Journals (Scholarly)

Ecological Economics

Feminist Economics

Institutional and Evolutionary Economics

Marxist and Radical Economics

Political Economy (general)

Post Keynesian Economics

Social Economics


Journals with some heterodox content (General)

Journals with some heterodox content (Development)

Journals with some heterodox content (History and History of Thought)


Heterodox Publications (News, Commentary & Analysis)

Progressive Research Institutes and Organizations

Activist Organizations



Teaching Resources


Introductions to Political Economy for Undergraduates


Alternative Principles Survey Texts (with varying degrees of heterodox material)


Alternative Principles of Microeconomics Texts


Intermediate level political economy


Intermediate Microeconomics


Intermediate Macroeconomics


Paradigmatic Heterodox Texts



Heterodox Books/Supplements Currently In Progress


Film Resources


Readings to bring an alternative perspective into the principles of economics course:

Association For Institutional Thought Teaching Resources


Heterodox Discussion Groups

Afeemail (Afee)




Progressive Economists Network (Pen-l)

Post Keynesian Thought (Pkt)




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