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Contact Information

Dianne D. Guffey

Systems Integrator

Library and Information Technology

Bucknell University

Lewisburg, PA 17837

Phone: (570) 577-1795

e-mail: guffey@bucknell.edu

I work in Library and Information Technology at Bucknell University I have been employed in the same department at Bucknell since 1976.    My office is located in the Computer Center building, Room 206.

Some of my responsibilities include:

 Tape and disk backup of Windows servers, Linux servers & desktops and our Net App filers. We currently use Commvault as our backup software and backup to SpectraLogic T120 tape library.

 File services account administration

 Project space setup

Windows Administration

Printer setups

Personal Data:

The picture above is me and my former companion, 'Rebel'.
He was a 100 lb. German Shepherd/Chow that originally came from Virginia. He passed away when he was 11 years old due to a tumor on his spleen. He had been through obedience training at Jordan's K-9 Academy.

My newest companion is named Uzo.   He's a mixed breed that I adopted from a no-kill shelter called "Mostly Mutts". He's been a challenge but he's turning out to be a good dog.


My son Jeremy Dreese, also works at Bucknell. . He graduated 'cum laude' from Bucknell University on May 23, '98.

His major was Computer Science. He is currently employed in the Engineering Department.

He's married to Gisela and they have two beautiful children, Ethan and Collin. Having grandchildren is wonderful!!!





Outside Interests:

Camping and walking my dog.

I enjoy NASCAR racing and my favorite driver is Jeff Gordon.

Nascar racing, the ultimate sport!