Heath received his BA at Southwest State University in Radio/TV and Theatre. His MFA is from the University of Iowa in Technical direction and Lighting Design. After coming to Bucknell in 1994, he became a member of I.A.T.S.E local 403 and recently completed a Master Class in Stage and Arena Rigging.



Heath teaches Lighting Design, Sound Design, Computer aided design, Entertainment Technology and Technical Theatre Practicum.

Heath's particular areas of interest are lighting technology, show control automation and loudspeaker design.



Heath designs lighting and serves as technical director for the department's mainstage productions including the concerts for the Bucknell Dance Company (seen at right). Heath also serves as sound engineer for all department productions.

Heath is also an avid target archer. Heath enjoys going to local, regional and state field and indoor competitions. For those who are really in to target archery, here's Heath's technical info: 2 classes (1) Bowhunter Freestyle Class A. . Bow: Hoyt MT Sport. (2) F.I.T.A. freestyle class A. Bows: PSE Sierra and Hoyt Pro Medalist.