Course Web Sites

I developed each of these web sites over the past 3 years.

German 101 Exploring Your World - Elem. I

Beginning Language Skills. Pactice in listening, speaking, reading, and writing; elementary grammar, and introduction to German culture.

link to GRMN101

highlight: listening exercise involving numbers

German 102 Everyday Life in German - Elem. II

Continuation of language skills. Pactice in listening, speaking, reading, and writing; grammar, reading in culture and literature.

link to GRMN102

highlight: cloze exercise using prepositions

German 103 Building Proficiency in German - Intermed. I

A continuation and review of basic grammar emphasizing all four language skills and culture.

link to GRMN103

highlight: animation to practice verb conjugation

German 204 Berlin: Gestern und heute

Content-based German Conversation and Composition Course.

link to GRMN204

highlight: using rock lyrics to practice vocabulary

German 220/221 The German Economic System and Doing Business in German

Courses focused on the economic structures and business environment. Development of theoretical background knowledge, practical skills, and awareness of issues in cross-cutlural communication.

link to GRMN220

highlight: using matching and spelling to master map knowledge