John N. Cooper, 1993

John Cooper, 2007


Professor of Chemistry, Retired
Bucknell University
Lewisburg , PA 17837
FAX: 570-577-1739


John N. Cooper was educated at the California Institute of Technology and the University of California, Berkeley, where he received his B.S. and Ph.D. in 1960 and 1964, respectively. After teaching two years at Makerere University College, Uganda, and one year at Carleton College, Minnesota, he joined the Faculty at Bucknell in 1967.

He published 35 papers in the fields of chemical education and inorganic kinetics and structure, based on research supported largely by the Petroleum Research Fund. His principal interests were in the structure of cobalt(III) complexes and the kinetics of ligand substitution and inorganic substrates' oxidation-reduction reactions.

He took a leave from Bucknell, 1971-2, to study with Gilbert Haight at the University of Illinois, and took three sabbaticals: at the Argonne National Labs, with James Sullivan (1975-6); at the University of Cincinnati, with Richard C. Elder (1983-4); and at Purdue University, with Dale W. Margerum (1992-3). Other collaborators include Margaret E. Kastner, of Bucknell University, and W. Gregory Jackson of the Australian Defence Force Academy.

He received Bucknell's Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching in 1988, and consulted for the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office, Environmental Crimes Section (2000-01).

He retired from active teaching, June, 2003.

He began contributing writings to the Axis of Logic ( in January 2004 and was a columnist for that site from August, 2004, through 2006. In 2005 and again in 2006, he received the Thomas Paine Award from the Central Susquehanna Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union for Citizen Journalism; in 2007 he was given the Peacemaker Award by the local Center for Nonviolent Living.

Between 2005-2006, wrote seven fanciful short essays collected as Reports to the Mothership purporting to be reports of an alien observer on humanity's impact on planet Earth and the Solar System.


NAME: John Neale Cooper

TITLE: Professor of Chemistry, Retired


EDUCATION: B.S.(Honors), Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, 1960.
Ph.D., Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, 1964.
Advisor: R.E.Powell
Thesis: "The Protolysis of the Tetraphenylborate Ion and Reactions of Aqueous Nitric Oxide"


1964-1966 Makerere University College, Kampala, Uganda, East Africa, Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry.
1966-1967 Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota, Visiting Assistant Professor.
1967-1974 (on leave 1971-1972) Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, Assistant Professor.
1971-1972 University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, Visiting Assistant Professor.
1974-1983 Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, Associate Professor.
1975-1976 (Sabbatical) Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois, Faculty Research Participant.
1978, Summer University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, NSF Small College Faculty Research Participant.
1983-2003 Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, Professor.
1983-1984 (Sabbatical) University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, Visiting Scholar.
1984 University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, NSF Small College Faculty Research Participant.
1992-1993(Sabbatical) Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, Visiting Professor of Chemistry.
1993 Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, NSF Research Opportunity Award Participant.
2000-1 Consultant, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Attorney General, Environmental Crimes Section.
2003, June Retired.
2004 - 6 Contributing Writer, Columnist: Axis of Logic

Sigma Xi
Tau Beta Pi

Research Corporation, F.G.Cottrell Grant, 1969-1970, $3,000.

Petroleum Research Fund:

5183 B3, 1970-1972, $10,800.
6522 B3, 1972-1974, $10,900.
10643 B3, 1978-1980, $13,000.
12355 B3, 1980-1982, $13,000.
18623 B3, 1987-1989, $20,000.
22198 B3-C, 1989-1991 $20,000. 

National Science Foundation: CSIP-8650293, with M.E.Kastner, 1985-1986, $21,054. Precession camera.

Bucknell University Faculty Summer Fellowship, 1969, $1650.
Bucknell University, Arthur Vining Davis Award, 1979, $1000.
Bucknell University Faculty Summer Fellowship, 1983, $2000.
Bucknell University, Ethel Ward Fund Stipend, Summer 1986, $1500.

Lindback Teaching Award, Bucknell University, 1988.
Thomas Paine Award, Citizen Journalism, 2005, “Remove Consent”; 2006, "Legally Human", "Propaganda" - Central Susquehanna Chapter, ACLU.
Peacemaker Award, Center for Non-Violent Living, 2007.

Royal Society of Chemistry, principally Dalton Transactions, 1987-2000; Journal of Chemical Education;
Prentice-Hall, and W. H. Freeman.

Environmental Crimes Section, Office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General, 2000-2001.

Chemistry for Non-Scientists
Introductory Analytical
Physical Chemistry I (Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry and Kinetics)
Environmental Chemistry



1. Cooper, J. N. "Report to the Mothership" 26 Jun. 2005

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4. Cooper, J. N. "On Justice" 3 Aug. 2005

5. Cooper, J. N. "Dysfunctional Cerebration" 18 Mar. 2006

6. Cooper, J. N. "Faith and Knowledge" 18 Mar. 2006

7. Cooper, J. N. "S. Hawking" 11 Jun. 2006


1. Cooper, J. N. "SUVing America " 9 Jan. 2004 
SUVing America (PDF)

2. Cooper, J. N. "Bin Laden, Laughing" 12 Jan. 2004 
Bin Laden, Laughing (PDF)

3. Cooper, J. N. "Burial Sight" 12 Jan. 2004
Burial Site (PDF)

4. Cooper, J. N. "Facing Mars" 14 Jan. 2004
Facing Mars (PDF)

5. Cooper, J. N. "How We Choose: Want vs Need" 18 Jan. 2004
How We Choose (PDF)

6. Cooper, J. N. "Whither Empathy and Compassion" 29 Jan. 2004
Empathy and Compassion (PDF)

7. Cooper, J. N. "I Do Not Understand" 13 Feb. 2004
I Don't Understand (PDF)

8. Cooper, J. N. "On Becoming Fascist" 23 Feb. 2004
On Becoming Fascist (PDF)

9. Cooper, J. N. Book Review of "Unequal Protection: the rise of corporate dominance and the theft of human rights" 26 Mar. 2004
Unequal Protection (PDF)

10. Cooper, J.N. Book Review of "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11" 29 Mar. 2004
New Pearl Harbor (PDF)

11. Cooper, J.N. "Interests: Self and Ohers'" 23 April 2004
Interests: Self and Others (PDF)

12. Cooper, J.N. "Abuse of Words, Words of Abuse" 29 April 2004
Word Abuse (PDF)

13. Cooper, J.N. "On Getting It" 10 May 2004
On Getting It (PDF)

14. Cooper, J.N. "Anticipating Bush's Legacy" 24 Jun 2004
Bush's Legacy (PDF)

15. Cooper, J. N. "What Games We Play" 7 Jul 2004
Games We Play (PDF)

16. Cooper, J. N. "Viewing Fahrenheit 9/11" 7 Jul 2004
Fahrenheit 9/11 (PDF)

17. Cooper, J. N. "Tribal Thinking" 23 Jul 2004
Tribal Thinking (PDF)

18. Cooper, J. N. "Reason, Persuasion and Decisions" 6 Aug 2004
Reason Persuasion Decisions (PDF)

19. Cooper, J.N. "On Patriotism" 10 Aug 2004
Patriotism (PDF)

20. Cooper, J. N. "Review of Fear's Empire: War Terrorism and Democracy" 19 Aug 2004
Fear's Empire (PDF)

21. Cooper, J. N. "John N. Cooper's review of Garrison Keillor's 'Homegrown Democrat'" 2 Sep 2004
Homegrown Democrat (PDF)

22. Cooper, J. N. "The United State of Denial" 13 Sep 2004
United State of Denial (PDF)


23. Cooper, J. N. "Trouble is ... " 5 Oct 2004
Trouble Is (PDF)

24. Cooper, J. N. "Our Entertocracy" 13 Oct 2004
Our Entertocracy (PDF)

25. Cooper, J. N. "What would You do?" 19 Oct 2004
What Would You Do (PDF)

26. Cooper, J. N. Book Review of George Lakoff's "don't think about an elephant" 25 Oct 2004
G L's Elephant (PDF)

27. Cooper, J. N. "Just Imagine" 17 Nov 2004
Just Imagine (PDF)

28. Cooper, J. N. "Benjamin R. Barber's ‘Jihad vs. McWorld'" 19 Nov 2004
Jihad vs McWorld (PDF)

29. Cooper, J. N. "Healthcare for Profit. Something is Rotten in the

United States of Denial" 1 Dec 2004

HealthCare for Profit (PDF)


30. Cooper, J. N. " America's Shame and The Pledge" 5 Dec 2004

Shame and Pledge (PDF) 


31. Cooper, J. N. "The Vigil" 6 Dec 2004

The Vigil I (PDF)


32. Cooper, J. N. "Narcissistic Roots of Fascism" 31 Dec 2004

Narcissistic Roots (PDF)


33. Cooper, J. N. "High Noon for Natural Gas" 11 Jan 2005

H N Natural Gas (PDF)


34. Cooper, J. N. "The Vigil II" 16 Jan 2005

The Vigil II (PDF)


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US of Egoism (PDF)


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Limits to Growth (PDF)


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2 Mar 2005

Collapse (PDF)


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Report Mothership (PDF)


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What Profiteth (PDF)


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Interdependence Day (PDF)


43. Cooper, J. N. "On Justice" 3 Aug 2005

On Justice (PDF)


44. Cooper, J. N. "On Economics" 19 Aug 2005

On Economics (PDF)


45. Cooper, J. N. "The Dysfunctional States of America" 8 Sep 2005

Dysfuntional States (PDF)


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Reason Faith (PDF)


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Failed Experiment (PDF)


48. Cooper, J. N. "The Long Emergency - James Howard Kunstler" 20 Apr 2006

Long Emergency (PDF)


49. Cooper, J. N. "the Power of Community : How Cuba Survived Peak Oil" 5 May 2006

Power of Community (PDF)


50. Cooper, J. N. "Colonizing the Solar System" 15 Jun 2006

Colonizing Solar System (PDF)


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* Undergraduate co-authors.


A. -- Organized and chaired the symposium "From the Chemistry of Responsible Environmentalism to Environmentally Responsible Chemistry", 13th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, July- Aug. 1994, Bucknell University. Papers published as the cover article in J.Chem. Educ., 1995, 72, 959-976.

B. -- "Binary Solution Interactions by Viscosimetry and Density." 64th Annual Intercollegiate Student Chemists' Convention - Brian Scaria and J. N. Cooper, 15 April 2000

C. -- Kitchen Chemistry: Lewisburg Heiter Community Center 21 Feb. - 14 Mar. 2001 Four 1-1/2 hour after school activity labs for 5th graders.

D. -- "Chemistry: Making a Difference - The Remtech Spill 10 June 1999, Selinsgrove PA" to the Bucknell Student ACS 16 Oct. 2002

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