The research of my group mainly focuses on understanding systems out of equilibrium. Non-equilibrium systems are ubiquitous: Most biological and ecological systems, financial markets, social interactions to name a few. However they are still not well-understood due to the complexity. Using some simplified modeling and taking advantage of computer simulation and visualization, we try to extract some quantitative insights. An example is a study of the totally asymmetric simple exclusion process (TASEP) and its application to protein synthesis. Both analytical methods and Monte Carlo simulations are exploited. Currently we are also working on optimizing airplane boarding strategy by exploiting Markov Chain Monte Carlo optimization algorithm and modeling the parasite-host interaction on a two-dimension square lattice.

My research partly funded through
    the National Science Foundation DMR-1248387 (2012-2016), and DMR-1702321 (2018-2021).

Some research endeavors are enriched by activities such as being a KITP scholar.

A list of recent publications can be found here;

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