June 2011



PERSONAL                              JEAN A. SHACKELFORD   

                                                      Professor of Economics, Emerita                                         

                                                      Department of Economics

                                                      Bucknell University



EDUCATION                             Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, B.A. in Economics, 1967

                                                      University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY,  M.A. (Economics) 1968; Ph.D., 1974

Dissertation:  Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas:  Patterns of Economic Growth, unpublished; available through Xerox University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MI)

Comprehensive Fields:  Economic Theory, Regional and Urban Economics, Monetary Economics, History of Economic Thought and Economic History


TEACHING                                Professor, Department of Economics, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, 1991-2011.

Associate Professor,1982-91; Assistant Professor, 1975-81.  

                                                      Assistant Professor, State University of New York, Geneseo,  N.Y., 1973-75.

                                                      Instructor, University of Alabama at Huntsville, Huntsville, AL, 1971-73.


ADMINISTRATION                 Ford Foundation Grant:  IAFFE Strategic Planning Initiative, 2003-2004                                                                                            

Bucknell in London, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010.

                                                      Webweaver/, 1995-2004.

                                                      Ford Foundation Grants to IAFFE, Grant Administrator, 2000-2003.

                                                      IDRC Grant to IAFFE, Program Administrator, 1999.

                                                      SIDA Grants to IAFFE, Program Administrator, 1996-97,1999-2004.

                                                      Director of Writing Center and Writing Program, 1985-86; March-December 1997. 

                                                      Shaler-Adams Grant to IAFFE; Project/Program Administrator. 1998.

                                                      Netherlands Grant to IAFFE for Beijing Conference on Women. 1995-96.

                                                      Executive Secretary/Treasurer, International Association for Feminist Economics 1994-2004.

                                                      FEMECON-L, Listowner 1992-present.

                                                      Co-director Race/Gender Resource Center, Bucknell University, Fall 1991.

                                                      Chair, Department of Economics, Bucknell University, 1986-1990.


COURSES                                 Economic Principles, Regional & Urban Economics, Money & Banking

TAUGHT                                     Economics, International Economics, Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory,

(Selected)                                 History of Economic Thought, Women in the Economy, Feminist Theory, Patriarchy, and the Division of Labor, The UK Economy, The Digital Economy and seminars.  (Developed and taught Foundations Seminars: Consumed!; Economic Stories from the Eighties, Start it up! Technologies Past Present and Future, CRASH! BOOM! BANG! and The Empire Strikes Back.)  (Developed and taught Capstone courses: Revolutionary Britain. Economic Topics:  The Idea of Capitalism in British Economic Thought; and for Bucknell in London, Markets and Mavens.  (All courses are W1 or W2.)


ONLINE SYLLABI                  (All linked at )


AWARDS                                   IAFFE – The Jean Shackelford Award, 2006

(Selected)                                 Lindbeck Award for Teaching, Bucknell University 1992

ITEC Award, Bucknell University, Summer 1996, 1997, 2005

                                                      Bucknell University Curricular Development Grant, 1994, 1997, 2001, 2006

                                                      Bucknell University Faculty Development Grant, Summer  1990, 1999                       

                                                      U.S. Education Department, Women's Educational Equity Program Grant, 1980   

                                                      McKenna Foundation Grant, 1979                                                          



Books                                         Economics:  A Tool For Understanding Society by Tom Riddell, Jean  Shackelford, Steve Stamos and Geoff Schneider (6th edition 2001, 7th edition 2005,  8th edition 2008, 9th edition 2010). 

                                                               Economics:  A Tool For Understanding Society by Tom Riddell, Jean    Shackelford, Steve Stamos.  Addison Wesley. 1979, 1982, 1987, 1991, 1998.

Economics:  A Tool for Understanding Society, Instructors Manual by Tom Riddell, Jean Shackelford and Steve Stamos.  Reading, MA:  Addison-Wesley-Longman Publishing Company, 1979, 1982, 1987,  1991, 1998.

Urban and Regional Economics by Jean Shackelford, Detroit, MI:  Gale Research Corporation, 1980.

Overall Economic Development Program written for the Top of Alabama Development District for the Economic Development  Administration, Huntsville, AL, 1972


Manuscripts                             The History of Economic Thought:  A Reader, compiled by William C. Cooper, Written by William C. Cooper and Jean Shackelford, edited by Jean Shackelford.  (Available on line.)


Grants                                        Ford Foundation Grant:  IAFFE Strategic Planning Initiative - (102K) 2003-2004    

Ford Foundation Grants to IAFFE - (reporting and administration) (4 grants ranging in size from 65-120K), 2000-2003.

                                                      IDRC Grant to IAFFE - (Program Administration), (10K), 1999.

SIDA Grants to IAFFE - (application, administration, reporting), (24K – 40K), 1996-97,1999-2004.

                                                      Shaler-Adams Grant to IAFFE; Project/Program Administrator, (18K), 1998.



                                                      “Feminist Pedagogy and Economics,” [Chapter 19] International Handbook of Teaching and Learning Economics, KimMarie McGoldrick and Gail Hoyt, eds.  {Edward Elgar], Cheltenham, UK and Northampton MA, 2011.

                                                      “Mable Newcomer,” Dictionary of American Economists,  Ross Emmett ed.

                                                                    [Thoemmer/Continuum] London, 2006.

“Economy and English Families,” Dan Quinlan and Jean Shackelford. Reprinted in The Family and Population History, Cambridge:  MIT Press, 2001.

                                                      “Economics Standards and Lists:  Proposed Antidotes for Feminist Economists,” Geoff Schneider and Jean Shackelford.  Feminist Economics, Volume 7 Number 2, 2001.

                                                      Mable Newcomer,” Biographical Dictionary of Women Economists,  Robert and

                                                                 Marianne Diamand, eds. [Edward Elgar) London,  2000.

                                                       “Flora Tristan,” Biographical Dictionary of Women Economists, Robert and Marianne Diamand, eds. [Edward Elgar) London,  2000.

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                                                      “Toward a Feminist Pedagogy in Economics,” April Laskey Aerni, Robin L. Bartlett, Margaret Lewis, KimMarie McGoldrick, and Jean Shackelford, Feminist Economics, Vol. 5, No. 1, March, 1999, pp. 29-44.

                                                      “Feminist Pedagogy:  A Means for Bringing Thinking and Creativity to the Economics Classroom,” reprinted in KimMarie McGoldrick and April Aerni, Valuing us all:  Feminist Pedgogy and Economics, University of Michigan Press, 2000.

                                                      “Teaching Strategy and Assignment Design:  Assessing Quality and Validity of Information via the Web,” by Jean Shackelford, Dot Thompson, Mary Beth James.  Social Science Computer Review, Vol. 17, No. 2, Summer 1999, pp. 196-208.

                                                      “Assessing the Strengths and Limits of Web Sites:  the Web form in Action,” by Jean Shackelford, Feminist Economics, March, 1999 pp. 87-90.

                                                      "Economy and Family:  English Middle- and Upper-Class Families 1500-1850," by Daniel Quinlan and Jean Shackelford.  The Journal of Interdisciplinary History, Winter, 1994.

                                                      "Feminist Pedagogy:  A Means for Bringing Thinking and Creativity to the Economics Classroom," by Jean Shackelford.  American Economic Review, May 1992.

                                                      "One Semester Introductory Economics Texts:  Echo's and Choices,"  Journal of Economic Education, Winter, 1991.

                                                      "Backlash in the Academy:  When Affirmative Action Goes Too Far,"  Adrienne Birecree and Jean Shackelford, Conference for Women in Higher Education, January 9. 1989,  Proceedings, Spring, 1989.                

                                                      "Labor Force Participation Rates of Women and the Rise of the Two Earner Family," by Daniel Quinlan and Jean Shackelford.  American  Economic Review, May, 1980.




Podcasts                                  iPods in Economics? Technology for Enhancing Active Learning,” American Economic Association Meetings, Chicago, IL January 2007. (Includes paper, poster and podcast.)

Principles of Economics – (class and weekly newsreviews)

Bucknell in London vodcast

Money and Banking (class and extracurricular instruction) Money Basics

                                                      iPods in Economics - @


Presentations                           Practical Pedagogy for Feminist Economists Classrooms: Is Technology

1998-2009                                                   Oversold in Economic Education?  Or Peddling Pedagogy.” The 2008 Conference on Feminist Economics, June 19-21, Turin, Italy.

                                                        iPods in Economics? Technology for Enhancing Active Learning,” American    

                                                                        Economic Association Meetings, Chicago, IL January 2007. (Includes paper, poster and podcast.)

                                                       “Practicing Feminist Pedagogy:  Places/Spaces/Cases for Feminist Economics   Education.” For the 2006 Conference on Feminist Economics, July 7-9,

                                                                        Sydney, Australia.                

                                                      “Syllabi Remix – Content, Learning Environments and Pedagogy in Economics,  Heterodox Pedagogy Workshop,” Boston, MA.  In association with the Allied Social Science Association meetings, January 5, 2006.

                                                      “Practicing Pedagogy:  Feminist Economic Literacy 101, or Practicing ‘F’ word’ Pedagogy in an ‘L word’ Democracy.” The 2004 Conference on Feminist Economics, August 5-7, Oxford, England.

                                                      “Feminist Pedagogy in Economists ABC, 1-2-3. ”  Presented at the12th Annual

                                                                        IAFFE Conference, June 27-29 2003, The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, St. Michael, Barbados.

                                                      Session Chair: “Beyond the JEL: Feminism and the Classification of Economic Knowledge” (Roundtable Discussion), at the 12th Annual IAFFE Conference, June 27-29 2003, The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, St. Michael, Barbados.

                                                      "High Tech and High Heels in the Global Economy: Women, Work and Pink-Collar Identities in the Caribbean," by Carla C. Freeman. Presentation at “Book Club” session, at the 12th Annual IAFFE Conference, June 27-29 2003, The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, St. Michael, Barbados.

                                                      A History of IAFFE and Feminist Economics.  Presented at the Conference on Heterodox Economics, Kansas City, October, 2002.

Using Data for Economic Literacy:  A Project for Feminist Pedagogy.”  Organized workshop and presented paper on “using data with Economic Principles.”  2003 Pedagogy Workshop, held in conjunction with the ASSA meetings in Washington, D.C., January 2, 2003, American University.

                                                      “But they All Know There is a Problem with Social Security…  A Report on Problems in Economics Literacy.”  Presented at the Conference on Feminist Economics, Occidental College, Los Angeles, California, July 12-14, 2002.

                                                      Workshop Organizer.  “Assessment and Evaluation Techniques and Strategies.” Presented in conjunction with the ASSA meetings Atlanta, Georgia, Jan. 3, 2002.

                                                      “Feminist Economic Literacy in the New Millennium,” June 23, 2001, 10th Annual

                                                                         Conference on Feminist Economics, International Association for Feminist Economics, Oslo, Norway.           

                                                      “Creating and Using a Just-in-Time Syllabus,” January 4, 2001, full day

                                                                        workshop by Jean Shackelford,  Shyamala Raman, and Kim Sosin in conjunction with the ASSA meetings, New Orleans, LA.

                                                      Keynote speaker, “Technology and Teaching Economics Workshop,” Five College Consortium, Dennison University, December, 1,2, 2000.

                                                      “Methodological Issues in Teaching Roundtable: Strategies for Feminist Pedagogy & Active Learning,” roundtable organizer and participant, Conference of the International Association for Feminist Economics, Istanbul, Turkey, August, 2000.

                                                      “Toward a Feminist Pedagogy in Economics: Roundtable,” Conference of the International Association for Feminist Economics, Ottawa, Canada, 1999.

                                                      “Feminist Pedagogy in Economics,” Race/Gender Center, Colloquy, Bucknell

                                                                        University, October, 1999.

                                                      “Ten Principles of Feminist Economics:  A Modestly Proposed Antidote,  by Geoff Schneider and Jean Shackelford, presented at the Southern

                                                                        Economic Association Meetings, November, 1998, Baltimore, MD.



OTHER                                       Editorial Board, Feminist Economics, 2006-2012.

PROFESSIONAL                    Associate Editor, Feminist Economics, 1995-2004.

ACTIVITIES1998-                  Pedagogy Workshop Organizer, January 2006, in conjunction with the   

2008                                            ASSA meetings, Boston, MA.

                                                      Program Committee, IWPR (Institute for Women’s Policy Research) Conference,

                                                      Washington, DC, June 2005.

                                                      Conference and Program Coordinator, 1st - 13th Annual Conferences of the International Association of Feminist Economics. 1990-2004.

                                                      Reviewer, Journal of Economic Education, 1986, 1990, 1996, 2000-present.

                                                      Reviewer, Feminist Economics, 1995 - present.

                                                      Founder/Incorporator, International Association for Feminist Economics, 1992

                                                      American Economic Association meetings, Anaheim California, January 1993.     


SELECTED                               Bucknell in London Committee 2000-present.

BUCKNELL                               Task Force on Sexual Misconduct, 2006-2007

SERVICE                                   Spielman Lectureship Committee 2006-2008

                                                      Bridge Planning Committee, 2005-06

                                    University Committee on Planning and Budget, 2004-07, 1994-2000; 1986-89;

                                                      1981-85.   Chair 1996-2000.

Faculty Representative to Trustee Finance Committee 1999-00.

                                                      Bucknell University AAUP, President, 1997-98.

                                                      Ad-hoc committee on campus sexual assault crisis, co-convener, 1996-99.

                                                      Faculty Retirement Planning Committee, 1991-92.

                                                      Chair, Department of Economics, 1986-1990.

                                                      Ad Hoc Committee on Financial Strength and Stability, Faculty, Student, Trustee Committee, 1988-89, produced report, Fall, 1988.

                                                      Student Financial Aid Funding Committee, Trustee, Faculty, Administration Committee, 1986.  Produced the document, Tuition Planning and                                                                                                                      Family Affordability.

                                                      Women's Resource Center Board, 1986-1999.

                                                      Race and Gender Center Board, 1989-1994.

                  Member Afro-American Concerns Study Group. 1988-1994

Faculty Trustee Committee on Wage and Salary Guidelines (Hood Committee), 1981-82.

                                                      Faculty Representative to Trustee Committee on Finance 1981-85.

                                                      Faculty Representative to Trustee Committee on Educational Policy,


                                                      Middle States Self Study Committee Chair, 1982-83, produced report on "Student and Academic Support Services."

                                                      Faculty Senate Representative, 1977 until abolition!

                                                      Sloan Project Committee, 1986-87.

                                                      University Committee on Staff Planning, 1983-85 , Chair, 1985.

                                                      Computer Planning Committee, 1982-85, produced "Progress Report," 1983.

                                                      Composition Council, Chair 1984-86.

                                                      Ad-Hoc Committee on Computing in the Social Sciences

                                                                        (drafted proposal for first academic computing labs and computers for

                                                                        departmental secretaries).

                                                      Faculty Colloquium Committee 1983-1987.

                                                      Writing Center Evaluation & Planning, organized collection and analysis of data.

                                                      Conference on Writing and Peer Tutoring, Bucknell, Fall 1985.

                                                      Search Committees: Various departments and programs and years

University Committee on Instruction, 1981-82.                                                   

                                                      Chair, Tile IX Committee, 1976-78.                     


                                                      Sunflower Day Care Center Founder, Incorporator, (Assorted offices: President,  Vice President and Board member, 1977-83.