February 8, 2011
Economics 103
Professor Shackelford
Writing Assignment

            As you read through the New York Times or Financial Times, or review articles you may have used for journal entries, clip an article from a recent (2011) issue that utilizes the concepts of supply and demand.  (If you can’t find an article, please use one of the articles posted on the course Blackboard site.)  Draft a 1-2 page memorandum addressed to Professor Shackelford that explains and illustrates how the article uses supply and demand analysis.  Discuss the implications of this article’s use of supply and demand.  (For example, what is, or is expected to happen to price and quantity.)  Include a one-page appendix with a graph or graphs that illustrate points made in the article.  Use supply and demand graphs to illustrate your points.  (Do not use an Internet search to find your article.  Given the specific nature of this assignment most articles uncovered by using search engines won’t be appropriateYou should not include a discussion of elasticity in this Memorandum.)           

This memorandum should show:
                        1.  Your knowledge of these fundamental economic concepts;
                        2.  Your comprehension of supply and demand;
                        3.  Your interpretation of the relevance of supply and demand;
                        4.  Your ability to apply these laws.
2.10.11 – Read Chapter 7 prior to class.  Bring your article to class along with notes you make about the article and questions you might have for an in class supply and demand workshop.

2.10.11 – At the end of class, hand in an outline or working draft of your Memo – with your supply and demand graphs.   Fold your paper in half and write your name and campus box number on the back.  Professor Shackelford will review the draft and return it to you via campus mail on Friday, February 11th.

2.11.11 – 2.16.11 - Review the draft and comments on the Supply and Demand Memorandum you worked on in class.  Complete and revise the Memo,

2.17.11 – Hand in your Memorandum at class time.


Checklist and Evaluation Criteria:

1.  Does the Memorandum provide sufficient information for the reader to understand the concepts needed to understand the article?
            2.  Does the writer show knowledge of the subject matter?
            3.  Is there a logical development of information in the memo? 
            4.  Does each paragraph follow a logical sequence?
            5.  Is there a clear statement of purpose?
            6.  Have appropriate graphs been used to illustrate the explanation developed?
            7.  Is there logic and consistency in the argument?
            8.  Have contrasts and transitions been made within and between paragraphs?
            9.  Has sentence structure and spelling been checked?
            10.  Assignment followed?