ECON 103 – Spring 2011
Professor Shackelford


Develop a 4-6 page informative essay from material in your text, the video, readings, and class lectures which discusses differences between the conservative, liberal, and democratic socialist (radical) views in economics. Explain how proponents of these stances would formulate an economic policy toward improving secondary education. (Decisions about present and future economic resources are indeed economic policy decisions. You have the option, and thus may choose to write about this topic generally, or you may choose to focus on a particular issue.)

Address your essay to an audience of peers.

This essay should illustrate that you:
(1) have an understanding of the terminology;
(2) have an understanding of economic methodology;
(3) comprehend the differences in the views and how they are derived;
(4) can extrapolate an economic policy inferred by these views.



1. Does the paper provide sufficient information for the reader to understand the arguments?
2. Have transitions been made between and within paragraphs?
3. Does the writer show knowledge of the subject matter?
4. Are the arguments presented relevant and clearly stated?
5. Is there a logical development of information in the paper?
6. Does each paragraph follow a logical sequence?
7. Is there a clear statement of purpose?
8. Is there logic and consistency in the argument?
9. Have sentence structure and spelling been checked?
10. Has the author followed the assignment?