Writing Assignment 3
Economics 103

April 8, 2008

     Over the past decades there has been ample debate over the most effective ways to achieve economic stabilization.  Between 1992 and 2000 we saw a period of sustained economic growth.  Some believe that prudent macroeconomic policy decisions had something to do with the periods of economic expansion that preceded the current downturn, while others, including Barry Bluestone (Critical Thinking section), note that perhaps it was expenditures from another era that gave birth to the technological advances in the 1990s.  In his article, Bluestone writes that we are missing the mark with our economic focus.  Today, as unemployment rates rise, there is concern that weakened financial markets, consumer confidence, and international repercussions may prolong the time that strong growth rates return to the US economy. Furthermore, macroeconomic policy makers continue to be challenged by the economic effects of a continuing war, the subprime/securitization crisis, and climate change. 
    In a 3-4 page editorial or opinion piece for the New York Times, focus on one or more of the economic issues which must be considered in developing an economic policy aimed at restoring long term growth and stability for the economy. You may choose combine aspects of monetary policy and/or fiscal policy in your essay.

This essay should show:
1.  your knowledge of these fundamental macroeconomic concepts;
2.  your understanding of the results and potential consequences of economic policies and        macroeconomic goals and;
3.  your ability to apply economic theory to the development of an economic policy.

Please hand in your essay and accompanying drafts at class time on Thursday, April 22nd. Conferences with a writing tutor (X-3141) should be scheduled before April 17th.

  1. Brainstorm about ideas for paper/prewrite
  2. Friday, April 18th - Finalize and edit your paper
  3. Tuesday, April 22nd - Paper due at class time

Checklist and Evaluation Criteria:

1.  Does the paper provide sufficient information for the reader to understand the concepts?
2.  Does the author show knowledge of economic theory and policy?
3.  Does the writer show knowledge of the subject matter?
4.  Are the arguments presented relevant and clearly stated?
5.  Is there a logical development of information in the paper?
6.  Does each paragraph follow a logical sequence?
7.  Is there a clear statement of purpose?
8.  Is the argument consistent?
9.  Have transitions been made within and between paragraphs?
10.  Has sentence structure and spelling been checked?
11.  Are active verbs used?
12.  Is there an adequate conclusion?
13.  Could this be sent to the New York Times?
14.  Has the author followed the assignment?