FOUN 090 -49 LAB

21 Ideas for the 21st Century


1. Check out online syllabus.

2. Check these resources for your SIU Journal

3. In her preface to the Death of Distance, Frances Cairncross lists 30 ideas that she signals as the "Trendspotter's Guide to New Communications." These are ideas that she explores later in the text - but that we can look at and today explore in the context of an article in the August 30, 1999 Business Week. In "21 Ideas for the 21st Century" the Business Week editors are "offering 21 doors to the future and invite you to explore."

a. Begin your exploration by reading the introduction to the Business Week article to see just what the authors are up to. Then peruse through the ideas and find one or two that interest you. Try to link a couple of the ideas you find interesting to those Cairncross presents.

As you explore these ideas and linkages, jot down the basic ideas or conjectures.

1. How do they relate to those Cairncross makes?
2. How do you see these ideas influencing your future.
3. Do they seem like they may be like "walking on the moon," or, "walking on Mars?"

b. Next, explore some of the links in the on-line version of this article under "Online Originals."

1. Explain what these links add to your understanding of the issues?
2. For a couple of these links, fill in and submit webforms.
3. Hand in the paragraphs or answers to these questions at the end of the period.

There will be additional time later to rewrite and expand on your ideas.