Form SBG. College Goals

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Which of the goals for college listed below are most important to you? Check about 2 or 3 that are particularly important.

..... Liberal education.
I see college as my great opportunity to read a lot, exchange ideas,

learn about the significant cultures of the world, and generally become an aware and more sophisticated person.

..... Intellectual skills. I don't want to just learn a lot of facts in college; to me it's very important to learn how to deal with those facts. For example, learning how to reason, evaluate information, and construct a defensible argument are high priorities for me.

..... Moral values. I am especially concerned about ethical, moral, and religious issues. In the next year or so I would like to get a better sense of my own values in this area.

..... Social awareness. I am very interested in community and social problems and would like to learn more about what's going on in the world. The opportunity to get personally involved in some sort of significant community service or environmental project would be important to me.

..... Creative talents. I like to express myself creatively. I already have some talent in an area of interest to me (for example, theater, music painting, crafts, writing) and want to develop it further in college.

..... Physical development. I am an active person. I like sports and other outdoor activities. Developing my talents and interests in this area is important to me.

..... Leadership training. Extracurricular activities appeal to me because they are a good way to get a lot out of your education; especially learning how to organize resources, work with others, and take the lead in achieving an objective. I hope to participate fully in this aspect of college life.

..... Personal relations. I would very much like to develop a meaningful relationship with another person while I'm in college. If it's lasting, good; if it's not, that's okay too.

..... Social competence. In the next few years I would like particularly to develop more skill and confidence in dealing with different kinds of people. I think the social side of college is very important.

..... Professional training. My main goal in college will be to get training for the work I want to do, or make the grades I need to get into a good school after I finish here.

..... Practical skills. I view college as a place where a person can learn practical skills valuable throughout a lifetime. I am especially interested in developing specific skills such as foreign language competency, computer programming, reading and math skills, good work habits, etc.

..... Career exploration. I am not at all sure what I want to do for a career. To me it seems important that I get a better sense of direction, and I hope to do that in college.