Economics 103 Spring 2011
Professor Jean Shackelford, Department of Economics, Bucknell University
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ECONOMICS: A TOOL FOR UNDERSTANDING SOCIETY. (Eighth Edition) Addison-Wesley, 2008. Tom Riddell, Jean Shackelford, Steve Stamos and Geoff Schneider. (RSSS)

or the FINANCIAL TIMES -- daily

COURSE SYLLABUS - Who, what, where, when and why....the course outline and assignments
COURSE EVALUATION - These are the things that determine your grade in the course.
COURSE ORGANIZATION - How this course operates

ACADEMIC RESPONSIBILITY - The following passage is taken from the academic regulations section of the Bucknell University Catalog and from the Bucknell website on Academic Responsibility:

"Bucknell students are responsible for the preparation and presentation of work representing their own efforts. Acceptance of this responsibility is essential to the educational process and must be considered as an expression of mutual trust, the foundation upon which creative scholarship rests. Students are directed to use great care when preparing all written work and to acknowledge fully the source of all ideas and language other than their own."

"I fully support the above principles and the institutional process that deals with violations of academic responsibility at Bucknell. I will not hesitate to initiate this process if the above mentioned “mutual trust” is violated in my course. In addition, it is important that you recognize that there may be instances when collaboration is appropriate in my class and other instances when it is not. Absent specific instructions to the contrary, you are to assume that all assignments are to be completed without collaboration. Finally, in acknowledging the source of all ideas and language other than your own, you must cite the creator of Internet posted information just as you would an author of a textbook, a journal article, a reference book, emails, or personal conversations from which your have used information or ideas."

ECONOMIC RESOURCES - Places to go on the web for economic data, analysis, and commentary
JOURNAL Please purchase a special folder or notebook and keep a written account of your reactions to: readings in the Times; your texts, etc. See: The Economics 103 Journal for information and ideas and times to hand in your journal.
ROLE OF FILMS IN 103 - by Charles Sackrey


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