Assignments for Crashboombang

For Thursday, October 4

We'll continue our discussions on Maestro and downsizing and examine downsizing 2001 style. Review your journal entries to see what you can contribute to this discussion with specific downsizing examples. Continue reading in Maestro - Chapters 8 and 9 - onward through 1994.

For Tuesday, October 2

As we move into the early 1990s, Clinton's election and Bush's defeat we see the effect of the downturn and a phenomenon then referred to as "downsizing." In a seven part series of articles published in March of 1996, the New York Times detailed many aspects of this trend. (The series was later reprinted as a book). Another series of articles written by Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele (Who Stole the American Dream) was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer around the same time.

For Tuesday, October 2, we will travel back to this period in the 90s. (What were you doing then--reading, playing, concerned about? Did downsizing affect your family, your neighborhood, your community?Ask your parents!) Please read:

Take notes about the important historical changes in Chapter 1 of the NYT's article and how those are supplemented by the information you find in Who Stole the American Dream. List the attitudes of Bucknell's Class of 1970. Which of those attitudes and assumptions still exist at Bucknell? Which may have disappeared?

For Thursday, September 27

Read Chapters 5 and 6 in Maestro and again, write a short paragraph--or make lists with some identifying information for the following:

For Tuesday, September 25

Read Chapters 2, 3, and 4 in Maestro and write a paragraph--or a list of factors for the following:

(if you have any questions about definitions or history or terms, email me!)

For Thursday, September 20

Read and write a short paragraph on one aspect of each of the three articles:

- Post-crash/pre election (Jihad vs. McWorld | BCC I Reading | Blowback Chronicles)

For Tuesday, September 18

a. Begin to develop categories for the data that you and the class suggested were important to examine to better understand the 90s. Bring your notes on these categories to class.

b. Examine one of the data resources links and compile a series of data for one economic or social variable that you find in the data. (It may or may not be one that is on your list.)

c. Look at one of the links for interest rate data in your data resources links page. Graph one set of the data. Since the data here is reported monthly, you may wish to compile it quarterly (every three months.) You may use graph paper--or some computer program that makes graphs [like Excel]). Write a paragraph (or two) in which you explain the data you are examining and the results that you found. (Make sure that you have a thesis for your paragraph.)

c. Don't forget your reading assignment.

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