Technology and the Survival/Change of Cultures


I. Today, we'll spend a little time looking at a couple of cultures in the U.S. that have not welcomed new technology with the enthusiam that most of us have come to expect. We will discuss how the these communites have adapted. You can fond more information aboout the Amish by following a couple of these links. The New York Times article about Technology and the Amish helps us understand some of the decision making problems faced by the Amish and today's citizens.Everything and more than you wanted to know about the Mennonite and Amish Communities with lots of links. As far as other sites there is one listing books for sale on the topic of survival of cultures--some snapshots of other cultures in "trouble"

II. Try a net search on webcrawler, yahoo, lycos, or your favorite search engine for the Penan, Ariaal, and Chipaya. What did you find.

III. Look at another group - the Intuit -- land - television - language

Do you see some features of these groups? What about differences?

IV. As we've moved through the material and labs in this course for the past three weeks, I've been making some assumptions about US First-Year Student culture. Some of these assumptions are discussed in the National Geographic article--but can you think of some of the assumptions I've been making about you and your culture? Are they true? Are you uncomfortable with these assumptions? Are they potentially harmful?