Digital Economy LAB
FOUN 090-49
October 5, 1999


In your reading for Thursday, October 7, Cairncorss discusses several emerging features of the Digital Economy in her chapters on "Commerce and Companies," and "Competition, Concentration, and Monopoly. Today, during lab, and for an hour or so before class on Thursday I'd like for you to explore several sites and jot down characteristics that you find in those sites. What kinds of information is on the sites? What kinds of goods and services are being sold? How is pricing accomplished? (How far can you get before they want a credit card? [note: please don't give credit card information as part of this project assignment!]

1. Read the Overview article in Newsweek and compare your results to those suggested in the article. (Answer the questions above as well!)

Pricing Models on the WWW? What is out there?
Overview - a Newsweek article on three competing pricing strategies

2. Try to compare the prices of a book with a shopbot. Results?

3. Is there competitive pricing on airlines? Try....

Other places you might want to look for information if you are interested:

Special Report: Business Week, October 4, 1999 - The Internet Age

Special Report: New York Times on E-Commerce

Conference on The Digital Economy --Department of Commerce