Economics 222
The Digital Economy
Article Reviews


Please type your article review and staple the pages together and include the name the article you reviewed and the complete URL where the article is found if it is not one on the article list. An average review should be around 2-3 typed pages.


In your article reviews you should demonstrate your knowledge of economics and your ability to apply your knowledge to practical problems or issues in the digital economy.

In your introductory paragraph, summarize the key points and issues of the articles. Include the reference to the article, date and author.

In the body of the review identify and explain economic concepts and principles present in the article. You should try to seek out and identify three or four concepts or principles (perhaps with examples). Be sure to make connections between course material, discussions and the article. Be thoughtful. Be insightful. Be clear.

Conclude your article review with a brief summary. You may also "agree" or "disagree" with the author, relate personal experiences that are relevant to the topic.

Writing Checklist
Is there a logical development of information in the paper?
Does each paragraph follow a logical sequence?
Is there a clear statement of purpose?
Is there logic and consistency in the argument?
Have transitions been made within paragraphs?
Have transitions been made between paragraphs?

Mechanics Checklist (10 points)

Sentence structure?
Sentence tense?
Word usage?
Subject/verb agreement?